Remember Me: Discreet Internet Password Logbook Keep track of: usernames, passwords, web addresses in one easy & organised location

How many times have you forgotten your password or username?

Sick of searching through the piles of papers for passwords? Asking younger members of your family to recover your passwords?

STOP the frustration associated with forgetting your internet passwords. Write them all down in one place with this internet address ID and password record book. 

This outstanding journal will solve your problems. Now you can keep everything nicely organized and at your fingertips, even difficult passwords.

A clean layout specifically designed for internet sites, mobile apps and their associated passwords. 

You can record 250 website addresses, user logins, and passwords for £5.99 UK or $6.99 USA exceptional value with more than double the entries of competitors.

Internet Password Booklet

Unlike other internet password logs, this one has an additional three password variation entries to record new passwords, just in case you need to change them, and if you do, you won’t have to fill in a new entry. This is the one I use, it is well-planned and thought out for everyday practical use. 

The details you can log per entry. 2 Entries per page with 125 pages.


Website – Log the web address

Username/login – Log the username 

Password – Log your password

PW Variation 1 – Updated password

PW Variation 2 – Updated password

PW Variation 3 – Updated password

Email – Email associated with website

Phone – Phone associated with website

Pin – Pin associated with website

Notes – Everything from secret questions, answers, hints, quirks about the website, etc.


The “Remember Me” Password Log is security focused. 

Each of our password Log books come in a variety of covers with simple patterns. No where on the cover does it state “Password log book” etc. In terms of security, it just looks like a personal journal or a standard paperback book called “Remember Me”. If anything, it looks like a romance book. The book’s exterior does not look like a password log book to someone not familiar with it and therefore should not attract unwanted eyes.

This lovely website password keeper makes a PERFECT GIFT for elderly folks in your family, as well as all those that are not technology oriented. This book is simple, yet perfect for the task. It is easy to use and for this high-tech solution this is possibly one situation where going back to pen and paper is the best idea!

The perfect gift for anyone who has problems remembering anything! A great gift for friends, colleagues, elderly family members and office employees. 

Password Keeper Review

I always have a notebook to keep track of my login details but my current one is a little worse for wear and full so this book made a welcome upgrade. It's also much tidier with its pre set out sections for any details needed and makes it much easier to navigate than my old system. Very useful for yourself or would make a great gift for someone as I'm always hearing people complain about forgotten login details, every home should have one of these.
Big Al
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Sticky Notes No More

No more sticky notes, or random bits of paper with your login details written down and put in that safe place that you will never be able to find when you actually need the details. Our Password notebook will allow you to keep all of your personal internet addresses in one handy and discreet Password Journal.

Paper over an App

Don’t forget the password to your password manager app/software and get so frustrated you throw your phone of the wall. With a good old fashioned paper journal, you can log all of your login information, usernames, passwords, password changes, additional notes, software licenses and more. And due to our discreet / secret “Remember me ” style book cover you can sit it in plain sight and no one will ever know. Never forget your login credential with our unique password organizer.



Is this password book for seniors

Yes, it is for seniors as well as everyone else. Especially those looking for a logbook that has multiple password entries for when their password needs updating.


Is this password book available on Amazon?

Yes, this discreet internet password logbook is available from all of Amazons stores. Click on the links at the top of the page.


How is this a security focused password book?

The main security feature is the cover. This looks like a standard book, notebook or pad. There is nothing that says password book. 

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