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Mel Robbins Podcasts Looking For Love Hearts

If you have ever listened to The Mel Robbins Podcasts about changing mindset, her number one tool is looking for love hearts (this is about confirming your mind can change) and her number two tool is a gratitude journal. The gratitude journal re-trains your mind by you, confirming to your mind the kind of positive information you want it to focus on. With this love heart designed gratitude journal, you are sure to be on your way to changing your mind, transforming and reprogramming it back to positive. With this Love Heart Journal you will see the hearts every morning as you write in your gratitude journal. Enjoy the journey, depression be gone.

Listen to the episode below.

Gratitude Journal by Tenacious Journals Description.

Take back control and create the life you know is possible. It just takes 90 seconds everyday to reflect and give thanks. Show your gratitude, log your thoughts daily. Write about the big things, the small things, the things that make you smile and give you strength, the things that inspire you and motivate you and everything else that you are grateful and thankful for.

Our gratitude journal is simple, easy to use and straight to the point. Nothing to get lost in, it is efficient, practical and keeps you logging entries day in day out. Helping you to build a new positive routine fast. If your looking for a fun, simple daily gratitude journal, you have landed.

Our Everyday Gratitude Notebook/Journal has over 100 pages per Notebook, with four entries per page.

♥6″ x 9″

♥101 pages

♥Matte Finish Cover

Example Entries

“I am so grateful for the support of my husband, for my four fur-babies’ unconditional love”

“Today I was grateful for the smiles I received as I walked down towards the bus.”

“Today I give thanks for the love that my sister and best friend in the world shows me daily. I could not ask for a better friend.”

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This Gratitude Journal notebook is the perfect Gift for women, girls, men, adults, mothers, fathers, friends, co-workers, teammates, partners, family members.

Start with Gratitude Today

Start the day with gratitude. Experience more joy and connection with your family and friends. Gain clarity so you can make the right decisions for your future.

Gratitude is the key to increasing life satisfaction and creating a positive outlook on life. Journaling has been scientifically proven to help you focus on what’s going well and build positive habits that lead to a healthier life, more meaningful relationships, and increased success at work.

What are you waiting for? Start your day journaling journey with Gratitude Journal by Tenacious Journals today!
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The Everyday Gratitude journal daily is your route to positive psychology 

Using our gratitude diary, making daily entries  is the best way to form strong daily habits, daily affirmation, daily gratitude and really take advantage of the benefits of gratitude in your life to foster a life anchored in positive thinking, happiness and fulfilment.

90-Day Gratitude Journal

In only 90 days you could literary change your life! The attitude of gratitude is fostered daily and over time begins to shape your mental health for the positive.

One-Minute Gratitude Journal

Less than a minute a day is all you need. Be it morning, evening or night just one minute to fill in your gratitude diary and reflect on the day, week, month or life.  It really is that simple and that powerful. Start your daily gratitude journal today and begin your transformation. This is a gratitude journal for women and men and is designed to be used as a daily gratitude book as a tool for reflection and transformation. 

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Alternative Gratitude Journal Covers Available.