New Day New You. The Food Diary, Calorie & Exercise Tracker Journal

Become the Best Version of Yourself. (60 day tracker)

Is it time for action? Is it time to get healthy? Give us a try and start your journey to health.

This is the Food Diary for you if you

  • You are trying to eat healthier.
  • You are working on getting into better shape, increase physical activity
  • You are looking to make a change and start tracking your food habits.
  • You are looking to track your water, breath, exercise and meditation.
  • You are looking to become accountable for your own health
  • You are looking to make real changes, slowly, day in day out.

Food Diary

The New Day New You Food Diary and Calorie Tracker Journal will be with you every step of the way. It is your perfect daily companion as you transform and become the very best version of yourself.

This planner and tracker are extremely simple and easy to use. Allowing you to quickly and easily track the food you eat each day, the calorie consumed, water consumption, exercise and more (activity tracker). Allowing you to slowly but surely build better habits and better routines for a strong sustained future of health and well being.

Calorie Tracker Journal and more

The New Day New You Food Diary and Calorie Tracker Journal will help you identify your good habits (nutritional food, exercise routines) and your bad habits ( processed foods, sugar, lack of water intake).

Health Tracker, Fitness Tracker, Activity Tracker

Each day is split over two pages, with over 120 pages per journal you can track 60 days of progress. Each two-page section covers.

Page 1 –

Space to write down everything you have eaten that day. Dedicated spaces for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks. As well as the ability to quickly note the calories for each and a tally system to total up the calories for the day.

Page 2 – Has a quick check sheet and space for notes.

The checklist includes

  • Breath Work
  • Water Consumption
  • Quality of the food (processed or unprocessed )
  • Meditation
  • Exercise
  • Personal Development.

Check the “look inside” on Amazon for more details.

Weightloss Tracker

There is space on each page to note down that day’s weight and your weight loss goals including a specific entry point for your current weight.  However, the key focus of the journal is to assist you in making the right decisions day in day out. A safe place for you to be accountable, to track data and come face to face with the good and bad of your lifestyle. A journal to embrace each day as a new day, and the opportunity to be the best you moving forward. This food diary and calorie tracker (calorie counting) is about positive action day in day out and building wholesome routines that will change lives.

Are food diaries and calorie tracers effective as a weight-loss tactic?

Yes, because of action. Every day when you fill in your New Day New You. The Food Diary and Calorie Tracker Journal. you are taking action, you are making a decision to move forward to the life you desire. By writing down and observing your daily, weekly and monthly food intake (60 days in one journal) it gives you a better understanding of how much you actually eat, of what you actually eat, of how much water your drink, of how much exercise you are doing and more. Some studies have shown that tracking and planning your meals and exercise for a week or more yields the best results, but even recording your nutrition for one day can make a difference.

Daily Food Journal

Keep it close by and use it. It is a versatile journal and can be used to plan meals as a meal planner, note down healthy recipes in the notes section. keep track of food intolerance’s, weight loss rate, caloric intake, create a food list, exercise goals, fitness goals and more. The keep is to use it and make progress. 

It will work with most major diets.

This tracker will work with most major big brand diets like slimming world, weight watchers etc. As most diets are about understanding what is going in and tracking it. Input = Output.

Get New Day New You Journal now and take a step towards success. Fill your life with better health, stronger fitness, and weight loss you can see.


Tracking calories and calorie counting is key to managing body weight, in combination with tracking activity levels, but the quality of the food we eat is important for the body to heal and stay healthy. The body needs various vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats , carbohydrates etc each day. These are found in high concentrations in unprocessed varied diet. This tracker encourages you to track and progress towards a unprocessed diet to maintain weight control and improve overall health and well being. 

Weight Loss Journal

We all know that losing weight requires consistency, but keeping up with your diet and exercise regimen every day is tough to do. The clutter of life and lack of motivation makes it hard to maintain the momentum needed for long-term success.

The problem with consistency is that it isn’t always easy to maintain an optimal lifestyle for weight loss. Even when you take steps toward permanent weight loss, your efforts can often get derailed because of an unforeseen event or change in life circumstances.

A weight loss journal is a great way to monitor your progress while giving yourself the tools you need to stay on track with your diet and workouts. It’s much easier to stay motivated when you’re able to look back at your progress.

Get your NEW DAY NEW YOU 60 day tracker today.

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