Guitar Masters Guitar Tab Notebook: Tablature for Guitar (Blank Tab Paper)

Guitar Masters Guitar Tab Notebook

Take time to record your riffs with the guitar masters guitar tab notebook.  Over 150 pages of blank guitar tab pages. Each page is waiting for awesomeness, for inspiration, for that riff to end all riffs.

Journal is 6” by 9” and has 5 blank tab rows per page. 

Writing songs and mastering guitar like any other skill can be improved by training. Just like any new skill, it will take time and dedication but you will see results as you fine tune your guitar sessions with your very own guitar masters guitar tab notebook..

A robust Guitar Tab Journal is the best way to take your guitar to the next level. Take your journey into the way of the guitar up a level with a dedicated guitar tab journal. If you are looking to reflect on your musical practice, write killer songs, proper riffs, increase joy, happiness and focus. Writing down your riffs and songs is a tried and tested method of achieving these goals.

Blank guitar tab notebook

The blank tab notebook will give you a set of tools that allow you to easily and quickly record your sessions. Allowing you to fine tune, identify and reassess every aspect of your songs. Helping you go from a non-structured guitar wanker to all out legend.

If you have ever wondered what the secret to unshakable guitar was, then you have found it. This training aid will help you structure and assess your playing, motivating you to progress quickly.

✓SIMPLE APPROACH for better training sessions

✓ FOCUS on your PROGRESS & THE GOOD THINGS in your guitar training

✓A great resource for daily reflection

✓ DO MORE WITH LESS – The simple act of structured journaling will light a fire under your guitar practice.

✓THIS is MUCH MORE THAN JUST A Journal, this has the power to change your life!