Jiu Jitsu Training Journal Diary Log Notebook

Take your BJJ game to the next level.


A robust training diary/journal is the best way to take your training to the next level. Take your BJJ up a notch and kick your jiu jitsu game into warp speed. Come in White, Blue, Purple, Brown and Black. You can choose one for your belt or use any colour.

With over 150 training sessions per book, our bjj diaries offer exceptional value for money at only £7.99 UK or $9.99 US

✔Take notes on technique, sparring sessions, solo drills and more

✔Identify areas of weakness and areas of strength

✔Build your own game and keep track of what works

✔Set goals and surpass them.

✔Get competition ready. 

Jiu-jitsu training Journal

The jiu jitsu training Journal will give you a set of tools that allow you to easily and quickly make notes about your training session. Allowing you to fine-tune, identify and reassess every aspect of your Jiu Jitsu game.

The secret to great Brazilian Jiu jitsu

If you have ever wondered what the secret to a great Jiu jitsu game was, you have found it. In every other complicated specialism or process that we learn, we take notes, organise our thoughts and take time to process them. This training aid will help you do that and in the process skyrocket your BJJ game.

Contents of the Jiu-Jitsu Planner (Training Journal )

The diary has one page per session.

Each page can be used in multiple ways with our simple system. 

✔Take general Notes ✔Adapt the system for Technique, Drilling, Rolling, Exercise, Solo Drills, ✔Seminars and more

Our Jiu Jitsu Training Notebook contains pages for over 150 training sessions.

Key Benefits of our Jiu Jitsu Journal

✔ SIMPLE APPROACH for better training sessions

✔ FOCUS on your PROGRESS & THE GOOD THINGS in your Jiu Jitsu game – If you want to be good at jiu jitsu, you need to take charge of your training. This is exactly what you do with the Jiu Jitsu Training Journal Diary Log Notebook – on a daily & sustainable basis!

✔ DO MORE WITH LESS – The simple act of structured journaling will light a fire under your Jiu jitsu Knowledge, learning and proactively!

✔ Overcome challenges and increase performance.

✔ THIS is MUCH MORE THAN JUST A jiu Jitsu Journal ! 

✔ TRACK success and monitor your improvements.

✔BELT UP – Climb the ranking system faster.


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Why create a Jiu Jitsu training diary?

Brazilian jiu Jitsu is a complex beast. You will probably agree. I started my jiu jitsu journey through MMA. Grappling and ground fighting being a major component of today’s MMA game. As I got older and fell less in love with being punched in the face, I moved more towards jiu jitsu.

I like problems, I like to solve problems and as an individual, with five years of university education, I know that for complex systems you need data. I know that to solve problems over time you need to keep track of the variables, of progress, of how things work, of how they connect and more.

Over the years I have kept many training journals. Check out the images below. I have also written a few non-fiction books and thought why not design a BJJ specific note system that will allow me to quickly and accurately summarise my training sessions.

And this is how the Jiu-Jitsu Training Journal Diary Log Notebook was born. It was born by me for me. It has been road-tested and refined and I believe it does a far better job than anything else on the market. Take it for a spin and let me know.

A journal for every jiu jitsu belt.

Do you remember when you became a blue belt, purple belt, brown belt? Or that time you were at Mias seminar or took gold at the regional comp? One of the best things about keeping a jiu jitsu journal is logging key dates, events and techniques. Not just a journal but a time machine to your jiu jitsu journey.

Jiu Jitsu is complicated

There are so many techniques in Jiu Jitsu that it is literally impossible to remember them all. Keeping a journal will give your memory a helping hand as you go through key techniques from earlier in your jiu jitsu journey. 


Take action today and skyrocket your jiu-jitsu game!!

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