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Here at Tenacious Journals, you will find a selection of practical journals that will assist in many areas of life. The goal and motivation for Tenacious Journals are to create bespoke journals to assist users to track, qualify, quantify, categorise and make sense of information that means a lot to them.  From Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training Journals to blank Guitar tab paper, from meditation journals to gratitude journals, Password keeper journals to smell training. Each of our journals has been designed from the bottom up to outperform and be more specific than what is currently on the market.

In addition, we also have standard lined interior journals (classic 6″ by 9″ note pads) with cool, creative, funny and specific covers. These in particular make fantastic gifts.  

We hope you love our journals as much as we do :) 

Click on the cover for more information, amazon links and additional cover options. 

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