Meditation Journal - Record your Mindfulness, Gratitude & Meditation sessions.

There are a lot of benefits associated with meditation, some come from the practice and some come from journaling and reflection of the practice. Take time to relax, meditate, reflect and journal your meditation sessions.  

Meditation benefits may include.

  • Reduced anxiety
  • Reduced stress
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Reduced Chronic pain
  • Stabilisation in emotions
  • Enhanced self-awareness
  • Increased attention span and focus
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Manage depression
  • Reduced addiction
  • Improved sleep

Meditation like any other skill can be improved by training. Just like any new skill, it will take time and dedication but you will see results as you fine-tune your meditation sessions.

Meditation Journal

The meditation diary has two pages per session.

The “Meditation journal – Record your Mindfulness, Gratitude & Meditation sessions” contains pages for over 80 sessions.

A robust training diary/journal is the best way to take your meditation to the next level. Take your journey into self, up a level with a dedicated meditation journal. If you are looking to reflect on your meditation practice, relieve stress, calm your mind, increase joy, happiness and focus. Writing a daily journal is a tried and tested method of achieving these goals.

The meditation journal will give you a set of tools that allow you to easily and quickly record your meditation sessions. Allowing you to fine-tune, identify and reassess every aspect of your inner well being. Helping you go from a non-structured meditator to Zen master in no time.


The secret to meditation. 

If you have ever wondered what the secret to unshakable focus, calmness in the storm’s eye, radiant vibrations, mindfulness and life in the now, then you have found it. This training aid will help you structure and assess your meditation, motivating you to progress quickly.

  • Basic and complete meditation diary
  • Record your meditation sessions daily
  • Sections for noting your Focus, Tools, Breathing, Emotion, Theme, Visions, Inner Dialogue and more
  • Adapt the journal to record almost every kind of meditation practice.
  • Record notes
  • Identify areas of weakness and areas of strength
  • Set goals and surpass them

✔ SIMPLE APPROACH for better training sessions

✔ FOCUS on your PROGRESS & THE GOOD THINGS in your meditation training

✔A great resource for self-care and daily reflection

✔ DO MORE WITH LESS – The simple act of structured journaling will light a fire under your meditation and mindfulness practice.

✔ THIS is MUCH MORE THAN JUST A Journal, this has the power to change your life!

✔Perfect for all kinds of meditation practice, from Zen to affirmations, chanting to Muse and EEG apps. Chi Gong, yoga, Chakras to ten-minute breathing session. Choose your music, your favourite candle, and enter the zone. Afterwards, use the journal to reflect on the experience.

This meditation journal is perfect for

Daily Meditation

Deeper self and deeper connections with self.

Easy integration of meditation into daily life.

help build clarity of thought and focus.

To give a better understanding of your meditation practices.

Reflect on your mindfulness meditation

Filter, focus and reflect on your stream of consciousness whilst meditating.

Note meditation and personal experiences

To provide a written record of your practice

Provide a device for mindful writing and reflection

A step towards a positive daily routine

A place to examine the small details 

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