The Ultimate Scottish Swear Word Colouring Book

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Scotland’s Swear Word Colouring Book (Adult colouring book and Stress Relief).

Learn Scottish insults and familiarise yourself with old classics. This fun colouring book will educate, entertain and have you laughing your C*** off. 

Relax and let it all out, if you have had to put up with eejits, dobbers, radges, nuggets or any other gobshites the day, then this is the perfect de-stressing tool. Colour in the 47 pages of gallus, hilarious and rude Scottish words. A great Scottish gift for anyone who loves Scotland, scots, language, Scottish swearing, Scottish rude words and laughing like F***.

Purchase this swearing colouring book and you will receive:

  • Fun Designs: 47 Scottish words
  • Mind Body Spirit: Smile and laugh and colour away your stress.
  • Educational: It’s not only a fantastic index of epic Scottish swear words, with a little creativity you will be able to string many of them together to make your own sayings.
  • Perfect Gift: Makes a great funny Scottish gift for that special someone’s birthday or Christmas
  • Great Scottish Souvenir: A fun way to learn and remember the colourful Scots language.

If You’ve had a shit day.

Work? Neighbours? Kids? Bampots.  Stressed out? Don’t bottle it up, that aint good for no one. Colour what you want to say! Colour your way to less stress!  Pick a word and let it out.  With 47 words, we’ve got all the best Scottish curse, swear, or put downs you can imagine, so let’s colour :)!

Please note: this book is NOT suitable for children as it includes several swear words, this is a swearing colouring book. This is a swear words colouring book.

Get ready to relax, de-stress and have a laugh by ordering The Ultimate Scottish Swear Word Colouring Book Today.


A List Of The Best Scottish Swear Words

You will find most of these Scottish Swear Words words in this colouring book.

Arsepiece – An asshole

Awa’ n bile yer heid – Get lost

Bampot – Idiot

Bawbag – scrotum

Bawhair – a short distance

Boak – To throw up.

Boggin – foul-smelling

Bolt – Get to.

Boot – aimed at women in a derogatory way.

Bowfin – unpleasant

Cow – aimed at women in a derogatory way.

Clatty – Questionable hygiene

Clipe “Don’t be a wee clipe” – tattle-tale, snitch

Cunt – multi-faceted word.

Diddy – General put down.

Doaty – Stupid, simple

Dafty – Idiot

Dobber – Idiot, jerk

Doolally – Not the full shilling

Eejit – Idiot

Fanny – Female parts.

Fannybaws – Female and male parts.

Fandan – pretentious idiot

Face like a well skelped erse -They are ugly.

Feartie – Coward

Fud – Idiot, jerk, annoying

Fuckety Bye – Fuck off

Glaikit – foolish, or thoughtless.

Gobshite – Dick head

Gommy – Simple-looking, idiot

Gowk – fool, simpleton

Heid the baw – idiot

Hackit – Ugly

Howlin’ – Smelly

Jakey – Alcoholic 

Jobby – Shit

Knob – Penis

Knobdobber –

Lavvy heid – Toilet head – full of crap.

Melt – unpredictable, someone to avoid.

Midden – dirty, unkempt

Mince “You’re talking mince” – Rubbish

Numpty – Idiot

Naff – Boring, rubish

Nugget – unpredictable, someone to avoid.

Piss Stain – Not worthy

Radge – A dangerous idiot

Roaster – Idiot

Rocket – Insane, unpredictable, someone to avoid.

Scabby – Dirty

Scrote – Scrotum

Shitlicker – Brow Nose

Shut yer pus – Shut up; shut your mouth

Shut yer geggie (shut your geggie) – Shut up; shut your mouth

Sleekit – sneaky – disingenuous

Tadger – Annoying, idiot.

Tosser – Wanker

Tosspot – Wanker

Tube – Idiot

Walloper – Annoying, idiot.

Yer aff yer heid – You’re crazy

Yer bum’s oot the windae – You’re talking nonsense; not making sense

Yer da sells avon – Does he?

Scottish People and Scottish Swear Words

Although this is a list of swear words, in Scotland many of the words above and the words found in the Scottish swear word colouring book can and are used as words of endearment or as a term of endearment as well as an amazing insult. For example. You are a cunt is negative and You are a good cunt is positive. Ya Tube could be referring to the fact that they are an idiot, they have made a mistake let’s move on or it could be referring to them as a fucking idiot, the lines have been drawn and there is no return. Like most Scottish swear words it really depends on the person saying the word and how they say it and the context it is in.   

Scots tend to use most of these wear words in both a positive and negative fashion, this is the everyday language for some and dirty occasional slang for others.

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This is a great Scottish travel book, this is real Scotland, within these pages are some of the most common words every tourist will hear on vacation in Scotland. Especially if that holiday takes in a night out in either of the big Scottish cities like Glasow, Edinburgh, Dundee or Aberdeen. I would maybe go so far as to say that this is the essential Glasgow Scotland Travel book research guide!

Funny Colouring Books

As well as being an educational resource, stress reliever and travel guide this is also a fucking brilliant and extremely funny colouring book. And it is the perfect adult colouring book for Scottish friends and relatives or anyone else who loves laughing. It is full of Scottish Insults.

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Please Note: Disclaimer :

The words on this webpage and in this adult colouring book will be seen my some as offensive, vulgar, insulting, obscene, taboo, profane, slang, strong language, foul language etc.

Please be aware of this. The Ultimate Scottish Swear Word Colouring Book is laden with curse words, dirty words, bad words, cuss words, offensive words, profanities, expletives, bad language, swear words, and more. 

This book was created for fun, entertainment, and education purposes. Spend one hour on the streets of any housing estate anywhere in Scotland and you will hear more than a few of these ring out loudly. Swear jars may be recommended after purchase.


Not suitable for kids or for those easily offended or who dislike curse and crude language.


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