The Silence In The Song

Book One In The Illusion Series

“Embark on an extraordinary adventure. Join Arran in challenging the immortal King. Grab your copy now and delve into a world where death is not the end.”


The Silence In The Song By Robb Wallace

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Fantastic start to an epic adventure series: 'The Silence in the Song' is a stunning dive into a brand new world of otherworldly adventure. Big characters, an even bigger world, combined with fantastic detail and storytelling to be immersed in. Robb had me hooked from the outset, introducing a place I am keen to explore further with him throughout his upcoming adventures with Arran, Nanoc, Loo, and Vertomina! Treat yourself to a bigger adventure.
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Chris Wain - 5.0 out of 5 stars Must read
Amazon - Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 27 March 2023
This is a wonderfully story, beautifully written and a gripping tale. Wonderful debut novel. Well done, here’s to more from this new author🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Mags - 5.0 out of 5 stars
Amazon - Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 19 October 2022
This to me is a book that creates deep inner thoughts into society and the human psyche. It's not just a storybook, it's an instruction manual. 10/10 Mr Wallace.
Colin MacGregor - 5.0 out of 5 stars 5.0 out of 5 stars A book to open the mind.
Amazon - Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 01 June 2023

The Silence In The Song, a fantasy novel – Full Synopsis

Death is not the end. The immortal King and his legion of otherworldly beings have made sure of that. 

The immortal king’s empire expands southward, consuming everything in its path.

A young nomad, born of prophecy, comes of age, plagued by visions of the King’s brutal conquests and the strange etheric beings that consume the souls of the dead left in the King’s wake.

This is the story of an uncommon boy who dares to believe that he can be the difference, that he can challenge the immortal King for the freedom of every soul on the planet.

The story is set in a human-like world and has a heroic/epic fantasy feel. A mix of barbarian tales, world building, magic, spiritual dimensions, philosophical curiosity, ancient myths, psychedelic visions, conspiracies, martial arts and questions about the nature of life, death and reality.

This is an epic fantasy novel with science fiction elements. A firm crossover between the two disciplines.

Join Arran, the silence in the song, and find out if he has what it takes to kill the King and save his people.

Is The Silence In The Song one of the best indie fantasy books?

Hopefully, it is, but ultimately that is for you, the reader, to decide. If you’re looking for something rich and varied in its characters, ideas and world-building. A fantasy book that is imaginative, addictive, and different yet so familiar, then this could be the book you want to read next. Early beta readers have compared it to The Wheel Of Time, Conan The Barbarian, Game Of Thrones and Dune. However, I believe they were just being overly nice, still, it is great to hear folks talk about The Silence In The Song in such great company.

It may or may not be the best fantasy ever written, Tolkien and Lord of the Rings it is not. However, it has more in common with Tolkien than it does with mindless, young adult, romantic twaddle. If you’re looking for fairy tale fantasy, YA Grimdark then this is not the one for you. This is the first in a fantasy series of speculative fiction, for more info read on.


Themes Covered In the Epic Fantasy Story “The Silence In The Song” 

The Silence In The Song By Robb Wallace is a classical epic fantasy. However, at its core, like most classic epic fantasy novels, it explores many ideas and themes. I have listed these key themes that weave through the book below. This is a book for anyone who loves.

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Heroic/Epic Fantasy:

This is for sure a classic epic fantasy novel, it is set in a human like world with magic, barbarians, Kings, swords, battles and more. Arran and Nanoc are just two of the book’s heroic characters. I grew up reading the master of heroic fantasy David Gemmell and his style and characters, like Druss and Skilgannon, have been something I have been inspired by. 


Barbarian Tales:

If you love classics like Conan the Barbarian (Robert E Howard), Wulf The Barbarian, Claw The Unconquered, Slain etc, then you will hopefully love Nanoc and his barbarian ways. He is a classic barbarian in every respect. Nanoc was born to save the world. He was born with berserk fury in his soul!


World Building:

This fantasy book covers a rich and diverse look at culture, religion, landscapes, geological features and more. The Silence In The Song borrows from my extensive, real-world travelling and love of the many vibrant and diverse cultures of this world. Both our present cultures, peoples, languages and those of our near and distant past. I have tried to describe and vibrant world to breathe life into my characters and the landscapes they inhabit. All this with the intent of creating a fantasy fiction that is rich in conjuring supernatural otherworld adult fantasy worthy of today’s fantasy readers.



Like all good Epic Fantasy Novels, magic is firmly a part of the book. However, it is looked at from the lens of real Magik. One could say, through the lenses of the occult or hidden knowledge. It is not the classic, says some words, command some element and boom. The magical systems I employ are more of an expansion and exploration of the classic magical powers associated with humans who dedicate themselves to developing their innate psychic powers. Mind reading, telepathy, vampirism, energy healing, psychedelic journeys, shamanism, ritual and more.

I grew up reading science fiction and fantasy novels, sword and sorcery, high fantasy, with wizards, warlocks, witches, magicians etc. I wanted to tie this into the magical systems of our world, of the occult, mythology and modern new-age mumbo jumbo. If you are looking for magic, this may be the fantasy novel for you.

Spiritual Dimensions:

What is spirituality and how do we, as individuals, learn from those who have walked before us? How do we find the path to a one-on-one connection with the divine within? I have been fascinated with spirituality, religion and the ideas of higher self, God, universal consciousness etc my entire adult life. In The Silence In The Song I explore many facets of today’s spiritual paths. The journey of self, the journey of the hero to embrace themselves and journey within.

Another idea I explore is the Loosh Farm!

Renowned astral traveller Robert Monroe amongst many others have described interactions with alternate realities,  other dimensions and the afterlife realm. However, many have reported over millennia that the Earth functions as an energy or “loosh” farm, where humans are essentially livestock, producing energy consumed by controllers. This revelation led me to explore these themes in The Silence In The Song. Is poverty, war, and suffering all created and perpetuated by the system to farm the system?


Philosophical Curiosity:

The many cultures of this world have produced many, many ideas about what reality is, what truth is, and what wisdom is. I explore some of these ideas through my characters as they face life, death, and the nature of reality. Themes include bravery, courage, success, leadership, bullying, power, powerlessness and more.


Ancient Structures And Myths:

From the great pyramids of Giza to the Kailash temple, megaliths of the world to origin stories of their creators. I have travelled to many ancient sites, with many more on my to-do list. Everyone I have ever visited has left me in awe and full of questions. Who built this and why? How did they build it? Are the techniques they used lost to time? Why are there so many similarities across ancient cultures divided across vast distances? If you are a curious cat and blown away by these kinds of ancient sites, then you will enjoy this book. I try to weave a little of the awe that fires up my curiosity every time I visit one of these magical places. For fans of Joe Rogan, Graham Hancock, Zecharia Sitchin, Robert Bauval, Andrew Collins, Randall Carlson etc.

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Psychedelic Visions:

Over the years of my youth, I dabbled with psychedelics, the insight and experience of which has stayed with me for life. I explore some of my ideas and experiences in The Silence In The Song. The main character Arran’s rite of passage explores such a theme. Over the years, I have been inspired by such authors as Timothy Leary, Michael Pollan, Terrence McKenna, Robert Anton Wilson, Paul Stamets and more.

The golden cape, a strong entheogen, is the right of passage of the Gavodeon males who wish to become men, to become equal with the women of the horde. Arran sets out on a journey to conquer the mountain (where the mushrooms grow) and eat its sacred flesh. Little does he know that the vision it grants him is just the start of his journey. The Silence In The Song By Robb Wallace



Tin foil hats are sometimes required! The world is not always as it seems. Conspiracy, by definition, is simply a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful. Anyone interested in history will know that powerful people often do unlawful and harmful things to their populations under secrecy. History shows us that power does indeed corrupt the soul. I explore some modern-day conspiracy themes in the book. So if you like a conspiracy or two, check it out.

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Martial Arts:

As a lifelong practitioner of martial arts, I have brought my passion and experience to the novel. Hopefully writing realistic yet fun, fight scenes. As well as bringing the fighters’ mindset and the warriors’ mindset to the table. As an avid reader of heroic fantasy, I love a good fight scene and hopefully, I have contributed many to the fantasy genre in “The Silence In The Song”.


Questions About The Nature Of Life, Death And Reality:

Reincarnation, heaven, life beyond death, spirits, entities, rebirth, life purpose, destiny and more. I love these kinds of ideas and make them a central theme that weaves throughout the various characters, cultures and stories in the book.


Science Fiction:

Pseudoscience, genuine science, fringe science and more. I explore genetic origin stories of the ancient Sumerians, genetic manipulation, cloning, galactic farms, as well as the idea of Galactic gold miners, faster-than-light travel, fast-as-thought travel, galactic empires, AI, AI weapons and more. This is a modern fantasy with science fantasy elements! If science-fiction fantasy like Dune and Star Wars is your thing, then you may enjoy this one.

So if anything above tickles your fancy, please consider buying a copy of The Silence In The Song.

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