Writing Sprints Journal for Authors and Writers

The best journal for writing sprints

Keep track of your writing sprints with this custom-designed sprinting journal!

If you are looking for a way to track your writing goals, increase your word count and maximise your time, then writing sprints are for you. Focus and accomplish your goals with the best sprint tracking journal available.

What are Writing Sprints?

Writing sprints and Word Sprints are a brief outpouring of concentrated writing, performed under a time restraint for motivational and productivity purposes. Five-minute Sprints to 30-minute sprints the option is yours. These writing sprints can be done alone or with a group or team.  There are active team sprints happening right now on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Anyone can join in. Popular hashtags for the writing and sprint writing communities are  #writingsprints and #wordsprints

A Sprint Journal that is fit for purpose. 

We created a simple sprint tracker to allow us to write, track and smash our goals. Now it’s available for everyone.

Product Details 

The Journal is 6” x 9” in dimension and has 100 pages.

✓ Makes a great gift for a loved one and anyone who is an aspiring author, including yourself!

Each page Includes:

Date and Sprint target. Columns for the project title, sprint times and word count. As well as total word count for the project so far, total sprint time this session, total word count this session and a small section for notes. Allowing you to set the time in minutes or hours as well as allowing you to track your progress throughout the entire project, over days, weeks and months. Example in the LOOK INSIDE on Amazon.

Why do writing Sprints?

Simply: Writing sprints will help you write more words. The sprint formula is simple. Think of it as a positive exercise or routine to build discipline, focus and dedication towards meeting your own goals and targets. Just like any other discipline, becoming a quick writer, ie someone with the potential to write entire novels/books (60k words) in a month, requires practice and a system of training to keep you on track and accountable. Writing sprints are exactly that. 


Take your writing process up a notch with this simple yet productive journal. Grab more readers by pushing out more content consistently. This is the secret behind so many popular indie authors and their ability to write multiple titles, novels and books per year. Join them.

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