SE Ranking Review Is it worth it? SEO Software.

I have several SEO software packages that I use almost every day for audits, monitoring my websites, keywords research, competition analysis, backlink research etc. SE Ranking is my number one go to SEO software. In this review I will go over why? And look at both the pros and cons of the software in this comprehensive SE Ranking review.

First off, if you are new to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) you may wonder why investing in a popular SEO tool like SE Ranking, Ahrefs, SEMrush, SERPstat etc and the answer is simple, tools like this allow you to analyse what you are doing on your website, they allow you to see what is working and what is not allowing you to improve your organic search and organic traffic. i.e not paid for. SEO takes time, but when done right, it brings traffic to your website. These tools help you do that. 

Note: For full disclosure I have an affiliate link to SE Ranking. This kick back a little to me if you sign up. This has not influenced my review, this is my daily driver, hence why I reached out for an affiliate link. I believe in SE Ranking. 


SE Ranking in a nutshell.

SE Ranking is one the most powerful tools for managing your websites SEO campaign on the market. It is a comprehensive SEO tool. The tools it gives you access to include keyword research, keyword performance, Keyword tracking, new and lost keywords, site audits (very in-depth audit feature), traffic analysis, Google search console integration, checking the quality of your backlinks, the competitions backlinks and getting a sneak peek at what your competitors are doing (top ranking web pages, backlinks, keywords, PPC etc). It even allows you to post to your social media accounts and bring in analytics for these channels. This all-in-one SEO tool is extremely flexible and combines the best features with the best prices (by comparison to the big players SE Ranking is a steal) for solo administrators, solopreneurs, small businesses, marketeers, website owners and agencies.  

Key Features & Key Tools you get with SE Ranking

Website Audit Tool

Competition Analysis 

Keyword Research Tool

Backlink Analysis and Backlink checker

Domain Trust Scores

Social Media Management             

SE Ranking what is good and what is bad?

First off, there is far more good than bad. The Good. Simple onboarding, lots of tools, learning centre/resources to find your way around, affordable and great reviews.


Simple Onboarding.

SE ranking makes it very easy, even for newbies. Enter your website’s general information, select the keywords that you want to monitor, select your country, select the search engine preferences, select your competitors and boom (wait five minutes) and you’re good to go. For more in-depth analysis and to get a complete picture of where your traffic is coming from, you can go onto connect your Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Onboarding can be done in a few minutes. Which is great if you take a plan where you can add multiple websites, the speed here really makes a difference. 


Lots of SEO tools.

SE ranking, like most other top tier SEO tools, is exceptional. The range of SEO tools it gives us access to allows you to monitor and make sure your website is healthy and competitive. 

The over all game of SEO is to monitor how well you are performing on the search engine result pages (SERPs) for any given keyword or search query and be able to refine and tweak your pages with data to improve these SERP results, SE Ranking has the tools to make this happen. For a full breakdown of the tools, scroll down.


SEO Learning Centre and learning resources.

SE Ranking has the SE Ranking Academy, and there are a few courses to help you succeed. This is what they say.

“For 8 years now, we at SE Ranking have been closely studying the behavior of search engines. We examine how they decide which results to display in search, what is considered to be a signal of quality and value, and what technical aspects impact their decision.

We have put all the knowledge that we have accumulated over the years into the SE Ranking Academy, where we team up with experts to provide a detailed step-by-step explanation of all the nuances involved in getting a website to rank high in search.”

There is also an active blog that is up to date with the latest SEO news, SEO Insights and case studies. A great place to stay informed.

But that is not all. In your SE Ranking dash board, you also get access to two fantastic marketing plans. One is a step-by-step guide to optimising your website for the SEO newbie, but it is not just for newbies and the other is a comprehensive list of business listings to secure citations (very important to local SEO). Trust me, this is worth the money, the only other place I have seen an SEO step-by-step plan as good as this is in the resource pages of SEO A Layman’s Guide, my very own book on SEO. So if you’re just after a solid SEO plan, grab a copy of my SEO Book, it is cheaper.

Affordable SEO Software

The cheapest plan on SE Ranking costs $18.60 per month. By comparison Ahrefs cheapest is $90 per month and SEMRUSHs cheapest plan is $119.95 per month by comparison SE Ranking is a steal! So you can see that SE Ranking is an exceptionally good value for money, given the features and functionality. Using this tool, you can optimise your own website or manage multiple client websites as well.


SE Ranking has great reviews has SE Ranking at 4.8/5 with just under 1000 reviews! Why does this matter? Independent software review websites are a great place to see how real world SEOs, web designers, digital marketeers, copywriters etc are using the tools. Low price doesn’t always mean low quality! 

The Bad: 

Not so much bad, but some features that I would love to see would be.

The On Page SEO Checker Tool, I would love for this to show me “keyword gaps” for me to strengthen the article. However, I have another tool for this. For this and SEO optimised content writing in general (writing this article) I use

Now I am actually scratching my head here. SE Ranking does everything I need it to do. It covers all bases! 

An in-depth look at the SE Ranking Tools

Primary Tools related to your websites or projects. On my plan, I can log up to 10 websites and the data from each of these websites is at hand in my dashboard all the time. Note: SE Ranking works with all the major search engines, including Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Ranking Tools

The ranking tool is further broken down into 4 categories: summary, detailed, overview and historical data.


Summary tool:

This gives a great overview of how your keywords are performing in the search engines you are tracking. 



This allows you to deep dive into the keywords, showing you each keywords SERP ranking, SERP features etc for the search engine location you are tracking over time, so you can visually inspect which keywords are going up and which are going down.



This overall view shows you your tracked keywords across all your tracked search engines and SERP features for said keywords in one handy table.


Historical Data:

Similar to detailed but with more range on the tracking data over time. Shows a 6 months, 3 months, 1 month and current ranking, so you can really see what is working and what is not over extended periods of time. Good for catching once popular pages on the downfall. 

Analytics and Traffic

This is where you see everything related to traffic coming to your website. 



Connect you Google Analytics and Google Search Console and it pulls in all the data from their direct and displays it in nice visual form. Page views, new sessions, goals, avg session duration, page sessions bounce rate, location data, popular countries, traffic sources, search visibility keyword importance and more. All of which is visualised for you, I would say in a better way than GA or GSC does!



Allows you to dial down in to where your traffic is coming from. Organic traffic, paid traffic, referral traffic, social traffic, and for each of these you can see the session, percent of new sessions, users, page views, page views per session, average session, bounce rate, etc. 



A cool feature that shows you all the keywords you are tracking, you can then scroll down the list, click on the keyword and see how the SERP snippet looks. 


Google Search Console:

This is puling in just the Google Search Console data and allowing you to see it. One of my go to pages. Tabbed across the top are Keywords, Pages, Countries, Devices, Dates, Search Appearance. For each you get a table that shows Avg position, Clicks, Impressions and CTR. For example, this allows me to see the keywords I am tracking in relation to the GSC data, like clicks, click through rate (CTR) and impressions. And as this data is direct from GSC we know it is accurate. This tool also allows us to drill down into it for analysis. I always pay particular interest to the CTR and which keywords are getting high CTR. For those that get low CTR I go tot he snippet tool and see if I can improve the snippet for that page/keyword to improve the CTR. 


SEO potential:

A good wee tool to get you fired up. Shows your website with its current traffic, and how much it would cost for you to buy it. Next to this it shows you an estimated income, then shows the same data if all your keywords were ranking and the potential earning capacity of your website. 

My Competitors

This has two options, one for added competitors and one for SERP competitors. 

Added competitors

Allows you to see key data about the competitors you have listed. Brilliant if you have a competitive niche and you’re looking to keep close tabs on the competition. 


SERP Competitors

Allows you to access all of your tracked keywords for each search engine you are tracking. When you click on them, it shows you three columns, i.e. the last three months. Each column shows the top 100 website for that keyword, highlighting where yours is. You can see who your competitors are, who is moving in on your space, who is not, etc. 


Visibility Rating

This shows all of the domains you are competing against and shows a large table highlighting each of the domains, visibility score (rated out of 100, 100 being the best) Traffic forecast, keywords, backlinks, referring domains. This allows you at a glance to see the kind of website and the true power they have and how your website stacks up against them. I.e. If you have very low visibility, no traffic and 2 backlinks, you are not going to win against a website that has high visibility, lots of traffic and thousand of backlinks. 

Website Audit

Here you will find out how well your website is performing. You should also discover why your website is not performing. Se ranking uses a powerful page crawler that is able to crawl through up to 1000 pages in just a few minutes.

The SE Ranking bot monitors metric data, such as domain metrics, page indexation status, and technical parameters like HTTP status codes, and page load time. Other metrics that you can use include page resources, such as javascript and ccs, page breakdown, and links and meta tags. There is also a choice of which issues you should watch. A website audit does not just tell you what the problem is, it highlights what you need to fix your issues. 



A single page that shows you an overview of all the key areas of your websites audit. Each section, including Health score, pages crawled, URLs found etc, has a small (i) next to it that, when highlighted, gives you a brief description of the metric. You can also restart your website audit on this page. One thing to note about SE ranking audits is they are fast and they are thorough. 


Issue report

Shows you everything that was found by the audit and the ability to see exactly what pages were being affected by the error. 

The SE Ranking Audit covers, website security, crawling, duplicate content, https status codes, titles, descriptions, usability, website speed, textual content, redirects, external links, localizations, images, java script, CSS, mobile optimizations, performance and amp. Each of these tabs has multiple sub tabs that are audited.

For example, I am showing an error for the Description Tab. When I click into it, I see that I have 7 pages with descriptions missing. I can see each of the URLs for these pages. I can then click through to these pages and update the missing descriptions. After doing this I can re run the audit and see my audit score increase.

Crawled pages

This page shows a large table with every page of your website that the audit crawled. You can access the number of referring pages, Issues, URL Protocol, Title, Status Code, Title length, Description Length, Canonical URL, The H1 and its length, Single H1, Duplicate H1 (each page should only have one H1 title tag, this is the main topic of the page i.e. Smartphone Smart Marketing Book) H2s, Depth, Inbound Links, Internal links and external links. This tool is good for being able to quickly scroll down URL by URL and see what pages of your website need fixing.


Found resources

Shows you all the images, CSS and javascipt found in the audit. Displays them in a large table showing you the Source URL, Type of asset (Image or code) status code, 

Found links

This tool shows you all the pages or URLs of your website. This includes all the internal links, i.e. URL for where the images are hosted as well as all the external links, i.e. external websites and resources that your website links too.


Crawl comparison

This allows you to compare audits over time. So after you do your first audit, you would look through what needs fixed, then you would fix it and re-scan your website. This is when you come to the crawl comparison tool to see the improvements you made. Also, this tool is good to refer to now and again, as SE Rankings audit changes to the demands of Google and external SEO standards, the previous score compared to the current score for the same website could change.

Page changes monitor

Web-monitor – an SEO tool designed to track changes on the pages of a website. Add the pages you wish to track and see the changes on this page.

Backlink Monitor and Backlink Profile

Backlinking is one of the essential seo tactics. Some folks outsource this critical task to an SEO company, but it is good to get into a habit of finding your own backlinks, as they can cost upwards of $500 per link. Learn about backlink strategies in my SEO book. It also checks your backlinks periodically to ensure that everything is working properly. As for any changes to the links, you will also be notified of those changes.

In addition, the Se Ranking allows you to evaluate the quality of your backlinks. This quality check also includes the tool’s own domain quality score. i.e they rank every website and determine its quality and then assign it a score. Google does this too, websites like Amazon, the BBC, etc will evidently have a higher domain quality score than a small independent indie author, gaining backlinks from website with high domain trust is the key to a successful backlink strategy, so knowing the domains trust scores are crucial for building your strategy. They also check the rank of the links on Alexa and to see the location of the websites carrying your links.

There are some other ways that SE ranking guarantees that the quality of your backlinks is good.

Page trust: This is a ranking that aggregates all the pages. The software also uses metrics to measure the quality of links and the number of referring domains on a page. This allows the tool to rate the page quality.

So if you have social links, you can see how many Facebook shares your backlinks receive.

Social Media

Yes, it even offers a social media dashboard, syncing of Facebook and Twitter analytics and the ability to post to these two social networks directly from the software. I use Sociality for this. But handy if you have no other solution.

Even more SE Ranking Tools

Then we have a selection of tools that are independent of your main tools. And these can be applied to find specifics about any website, page or keyword that you are interested in. These are:


Competitive Research

Research the competitors and rank them.
Ranking is a useful cheat sheet to help you beat your competition. Enter a URL or domain name to receive full access to all of the paid promotions and organic strategies that your competitors have implemented.

Keyword Research

Find the most profitable searches that you can rank for based on key parameters.

Backlink Checker

Search for backlinks that are linking to a certain domain.

On Page SEO Checker

For a detailed analysis of your web pages, get a list of some seo optimization suggestions.

Search Engine Autocomplete

Search for search suggestions that will bring more targeted website visitors to your site.

Search Volume Checker

Estimate the volume of keyword searches based on Google Keyword Planner data.

Index Status Checker

Check which pages of the website analysed have been indexed by the search engines.

Keyword Grouper

Search queries that are distributed by group based on the results.

Lead Generator

By integrating the On-Page SEO Checker widget on your pages, you can generate qualified leads for your websites. Se ranking’s feature to create leads is very welcome. It is not something that you see every day from a seo tool. That shows that this product has been designed with marketing in mind. It is not just SEO.

The generator that generates leads is really a widget. Visitors to your website must fill out a form. Because of that, SE Ranking automatically assesses your website. After that, the potential customer receives a detailed report on the on-page optimization.

In other words, potential customers are given the opportunity to exchange their contact details with the opportunity for a free on-page audit. You will not need to waste any time chasing cold leads. You can be certain that any prospects who come to you are already warm leads. If you want to, you can also customize the widget by adding your brand colors and logo to give it a personalized touch.

(add lead genertor here)

SE Ranking Review Conclusion – Is it worth it?

All in all these tools from SE Ranking will allow you to deep dive into every aspect of your website, helping you to grow. With SE Ranking you will be able to analyse the competitors, generate new leads for your business, monitor the visibility of your websites and traffic, and find out if there are any issues with your website.

There are very few SEO-related tasks that you can’t accomplish with this SEO software. SE ranking has lots to offer, and it is easy to use.

It is possible to rank your website using SE Ranking. It has the SEO tools you need to optimise any website as part of an effective SEO strategy. That is incredibly flexible and scalable. Its pricing structure allows you to find the sweet spot for all the power and functionality that you need. It is also very affordable, especially considering that it’s an all-in-one seo and marketing tool. It seems that people often treat these two functions separately. By combining the two elements together, you will be able to win the battle to get to the top of the search engines.

It is also not enough to know that something is stopping you from getting to the top of the search results. It can also be helpful to know what their competitors are doing right. If you continue to research your competitors and their rankings, you will have the edge that you need to stay competitive in your niche. You also have the ability to correct your own mistakes and to borrow a leaf or two from your most successful competitors.

Overall, I think that this is a brilliant tool that will change the way you view and perform SEO. It has for me. 




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