Fantasy Author Interviews

Fantasy author interviews and science fiction author interviews with some of the best up and coming, independent authors from around the UK, USA and the world.  If you are a new, established, independent or traditionally-published sci-fi or fantasy author get in touch. {authorrobb} at {gmail} dot {com}.


Mike Adamson Interview

An interview with science fiction, fantasy and mystery author Mike Adamson Mike Adamson holds a Doctoral degree from Flinders University of South Australia. After early...

Charles Moffat Interview

Charles Moffat Author Bio Charles Moffat is a Canadian fantasy author, artist and archery instructor. He writes primarily heroic fantasy, epic fantasy, dark fantasy, and sword...

Mandy O’Dell Interview

An interview with science fiction & fantasy author Mandy O’Dell. Mandy O’Dell Author Bio: Raised on romance and history, Mandy knew from an early age...

JM Stephen Interview

An interview with science fiction & fantasy author JM Stephen About (Who, why, when, where, what) Tell us something about your books, including your genre...

Chalstories Interview

ChalStories Author Bio: I myself I am 22 years of age, and I hold a Bachelor’s Accreditation in Economics issued by Florida Atlantic University/College of...

Jan Foster Interview

About (Who, why, when, where, what) By day, I juggle consultancy work with her family, but by night I like to sneak off, into the...

Jasen Suhr Interview

Fantasy author Jasen Suhr Interview Tell us something about your books, including your genre and your characters and/or themes. Legends of Alveria: The Gathering is...

Richie Billing Interview

Richie Billing Author Bio: Richie Billing writes fantasy fiction, historical fiction and stories of a darker nature. His stories often explore real-world issues in fantasy...
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