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Iuliana Foos Author bio:

Born and raised in Bucharest, Romania, Iuliana Foos currently lives in Venice, FL with her husband. A day dreamer by nature, she writes sci-fi/fantasy with a touch of romance, bringing to life worlds that only exist in her imagination.

With many years of playing on line games, like World of Warcraft and Star Wars the Old Republic, her novels are packed with action, supernatural beings, and technology beyond our knowledge.

A lover of happy endings, Iuliana always gives her characters what they want, but not before they work for it. The sound of waves, the smell of the ocean, or the colors of sunsets, are elements she draws inspiration from, and somehow, they always find their way into the stories.

An interview with science fiction & fantasy author Iuliana Foos

Tell us something about your books, including your genre and your characters and/or themes.

I have nine books published in two different series: Bloodline (3 books), and A Family Legacy (6 novellas).


Bloodline is a paranormal/light sci-fi series, with alien-made vampires. The three books follow a vampire family through their trials and adventures. The first book, takes place in the present time, but with incursions in the past, to explain the vampires’ origins. Books two and three, take us five hundred years into the future, and give a glimpse to a possible outcome (at least how I see it). There are romantic elements (no explicit scenes) in each book. After all, love is what moves all of us forward, either love for our family, a significant other, or ourselves. It’s a new take on the vampire lore and bringing in aliens, gave me the freedom to build my characters with supernatural powers, and be so different, outside the box, from your average vampire.


A Family Legacy is my light sci-fi/fantasy series, and it is inspired from a video game I play, Star Wars the Old Republic. Each of the six books follows a different couple, all members of the same family.

I love writing light sci-fi (not heavy on technical stuff) for the freedom it gives me. I can make any world I want, build it with my rules, and have my characters play their roles in it. The fantasy part comes into play for characters. Even if humanoid, some are various subspecies (secondary characters), I like them to be able to act and perform different than what we all know humans can. Think of Star Wars and the use of the Force, my characters are energy users (not all of them, but most). Having them use bracers, videocalls, and holograms for communications, speeders, portals, and ships for transportation, plus a few other little surprises, adds to the rich world I have created for them.

Latest releases and upcoming titles?

My latest release, Caranna Baro and the Legacy Mark is a prequel to A Family Legacy series and set by my publisher as a perma-free. For now, this series is complete, but I left myself plenty of opportunities to continue it one day, if I decide to come back to it.

What are you currently working on?

I have been working for a while on a new seven books planned series, Star Class. So far, I have the first five written in the first draft, and about a quarter of the way into the sixth. I hope to start edits soon on the first one, and try to find a literary agent to represent me. 

A number of fantasy/sci-fi authors have been known to use art, music, exercise, alcohol and even drugs as a way to find inspiration to enter the zone!  Do you use any tools to enter into your creative headspace?

Mostly coffee. When I actively write (and not revise, edit, market, and so on), I tend to stay in my characters’ world.  Sometimes I even exchange dialog lines with my husband, to hear how they sound. I’m pretty much staying in that headspace for weeks at a time. My challenge is to get out of it, and perform mundane task, in our world. And I do prefer to write in silence. If there’s anyone around, it distracts me.

Will your next book be traditional or indie published?

I am a traditionally published author and I intend to remain this way. Self-publishing has never attracted me, and it is not an avenue for me. Yes, the route I chose it might be more difficult, but to me it’s more rewarding. I am hoping to find a literary agent and eventually get into one of the larger publishing houses.

What are some difficulties you’ve experienced in your writing career; how do you handle book critiques/criticism?

Writing in a language that it’s not my native had been by far my biggest challenge. But I have learned a lot, and like any skill, it’s easier with each book I write. I also have learned that constructive criticism helps me improve, as much as we don’t like to hear someone ripping our work to pieces, it is a necessary stage to go through in the process. I always take suggestions and critiques to heart, listen and improve.

What are some encouraging words you’d give to another author/writer?

Follow your dream. If I could do it, anyone can as long as they’re willing to put in the work. Writing that first draft it’s the easiest part, and once you’re done take a deep breath and keep going. There will be dark moments when you’re going to question yourself, but that means only one thing: you’re on the right track, and you’re not alone.

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Thank you again for hosting me today, and to everyone reading, never give up. It might’ve taken me over thirty years to see my dream come true, but it’s never too late to reach it.


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