N R Williams Interview

N. R. Williams Author Bio:

N. R. Williams’s is a writer, a dreamer, a person who sees beyond the here and now and hopes for something better. Her stories evolve along with her characters often changing like the Colorado weather.

N. R. Williams’s has moved from Colorado to New Mexico with her husband. She is a mother and grandmother. 

Tell us something about your books, including your genre and your characters and/or themes. 

My books are Epic Fantasy, and each has a quest plot with romance as a secondary plot. Why romance? You may ask. Because, in real life, most of us don’t feel complete without someone we love, so I felt that for a well-rounded character, the same would be true. Plus, it ups the challenge. So, my characters aren’t just fighting for themselves, but for others, including those they love. 

The Treasures of Carmelidrium, Book 1 in the Chronicles of Gil-Lael:


This book started it all. We begin with Missie, a modern American university student, and brilliant flutist. She is thrust through a portal into Gil-Lael, a medieval world, and lands smack into a map-making expedition led by Prince Healden, heir to the throne of Gil-Lael. Unknown to all of them, a villain is hiding out in the north of Gil-Lael, building an army that includes the symberveen. I invented these creatures. They are over 7 feet tall, attack with psychic nightmares, have poison in their saliva and under their claws. The villain, Renwyk, can control them. Everyone in Gil-Lael has a psychic shield they lift over their minds when they sense the monster’s dark visions, but not Missie. She isn’t from that world. As the story progresses, you will discover that Missie’s music is needed to empower the Treasures of Carmelidrium to defeat Renwyk. Will she succeed and rescue the world, or will Renwyk be able to stop her?

The Beginning of a Legend, a Chronicles of Gil-Lael Novella.

This book is in response to questions my readers were asking. How did people come to Gil-Lael? Rather than write an all-telling and boring, I might add, explanation, I created an entire story about those who came and the challenges they faced. This tale takes place 1,400 years before Book 1. We begin the story of Arnoux and his adoptive brother, Carmel. They arrive on the shores of Gil-Lael, which is called Drak-Zeladan, during their time. Their island has been floating across the ocean for twenty years since an earthquake and tsunami separated it from Medieval France. Now, they are greeted by elves and learn of Emperor, Druas-Bradwr. He is a giant warlock who has been murdering men and women and drinking their blood to extend his life and is now over 500 years old. He created the symberveen using black magic. Can Arnoux and his friends defeat Bradwr? Or will they end up on the dining table? 

The Beginning of a Legend e-book is free everywhere. Not just Amazon.

The Rise of Lord Sinon, Book 2, in The Chronicles of Gil-Lael. 

It’s been a little over twenty years since book 1, The Treasures of Carmelidrium. Healden is now king and has four children. Friend-Brother Cadmar, best friend’s with the crown prince, is alarmed by the arrival of Lord Sinon, who is applying to be a tutor to one of the king’s sons. Who is Sinon? Why does an elfin prophecy trouble Cadmar every time he sees this man? Chaos, murder, and mortal illness to both king and crown prince happen before Cadmar’s eyes. Will he be able to stop Sinon? Or will Sinon win the day?

Coming in 2021:

The Emperor of the Moon and Stars, Book 3, in The Chronicles of Gil-Lael.

Coming in 2022:

The Curse of Renwyk, Book 4, in The Chronicles of Gil-Lael.

King Julian, a Chronicles of Gil-Lael book.

Healden in America, a Chronicles of Gil-Lael book.

And more.

Where are you based?

I live with my husband in New Mexico. We recently moved here from Denver, Colorado. 

Latest releases and upcoming titles? 

The Beginning of a Legend, a Chronicles of Gil-Lael Novella.

The Rise of Lord Sinon, Book 2, in The Chronicles of Gil-Lael. 

Coming in 2021:

The Emperor of the Moon and Stars, Book 3, in The Chronicles of Gil-Lael.

Coming in 2022:

The Curse of Renwyk, Book 4, in The Chronicles of Gil-Lael.

King Julian, a Chronicles of Gil-Lael book.

Healden in America, a Chronicles of Gil-Lael book.

And more.

What are you currently working on?

I am finishing up edits on The Emperor of the Moon and Stars as I receive the notes from my critique partners, and writing, the Curse of Renwyk at the same time.

What inspires you to write?

Haha! My characters would launch a major protest if I ignored them. But in all seriousness, I breathe story ideas, and they grow in my head. I must write them down. 

When and why did you get into writing fantasy?

My grandmother told me about faeries as a child, and my mother had books with depictions of the little creatures inside. I used to try to find them in my mother’s gardens. I grew up on Dr. Seuss, so fantastical stories always inspired me. After reading, LOTR by Tolkien, I started imagining my own fantastical worlds and had a burning question. Where did the Elves go? So, I gave them a world to occupy, Gil-Lael.

Who are your favourite fantasy writers/ fantasy authors?

Tolkien, of course, and C. S. Lewis. Rowling who is amazing. Piers Anthony and his Xanth novels are hilarious. What’s not to love? And many others. I also love discovering new authors, including my talented and fantastic critique partners. 

What is your favourite fantasy series and why?

Narnia. What’s not to love? Talking animals and characters from the real world. Let’s face it, have you ever walked by a wardrobe and wondered? Maybe?!

What are your favourite fantasy genres?

Hands down, I prefer Epic Fantasy. But Rowling gave me a love for urban fantasy with her Harry Potter series. 

Who are some of your all-time favourite fantasy characters? And why do you think they became your favourites?

Aragorn, from LOTR’s. A true hero. Always there for his friends and long-suffering. Gandalf, the best wizard, ever written. Samwise, A steadfast friend whose strength was more than responsible for helping Frodo make it to Mount Doom. Harry Potter and friends, Snape, the guy we love to hate. And, of course, my own characters, especially Prince Healden.

Do you follow any fantasy entertainment outside of books? (Video Games, Boardgames, Comics etc) 

I watch fantasy movies, and if they’re bad, I talk to the characters and tell them what to do. So far, none of them  have followed my advice. 

What’s going on in the next few months? Anything on the Horizon?

See above. I have multiple releases coming up. 

What kind of books did you read that contributed to your upbringing, as far as fantasy and science-fiction?

I love Dr. Seuss and his imagination. But it was a movie that started me on this journey more than a book. And that was Fantasia, by Disney. Yes, I’m that old to have gone to a movie theatre to see it with my family. LOL

Was your upbringing pretty geeky?

No. I was the odd one, an artist raised by medical professionals. 

Why should anyone read your book?

Anyone who loves to read should indulge in my books. I promise you’ll be entertained. 

Do you have a process, do you plan or do you fly by the seat of your pants?

I have tried the whole plot thing ahead of time, but it doesn’t work for me. So I keep an outline as I go so I can remember things. 

How has your writing process changed since you first started writing?

I have learned so much over the years that writing a well-polished first draft is easy for me. I still do a ton of editing and expanding as needed. 


How long does it normally take you to write a fantasy novel, and what proportion of the time is spent doing what?

If I’m not interrupted by life and other concerns, I can finish a book in about three months. After that, the real work of editing begins. This can take six months. It just depends. That’s why I start writing another book while my critique partners have the one that’s finished. 

What is your favourite part of the writing process?

Getting to know my characters. I try to make them all different. 

Have your previous vocations influenced your writing?

No, life has influenced me. I’m an artist, but not a professional one. I can close my eyes and see the world I’ve created and what my characters at the moment are seeing. I can hear it, smell it and yes, even taste it sometimes. I credit my art background for this ability. 

Do you involve other people in your writing, as collaborators or editors? How do you make this work?

I have mentioned my critique partners already. We email our chapters back and forth and talk about personal stuff too. The Internet is wonderful. 

As far as writing goes, what do you use? Software, Apps, Hardware etc?

This old bird isn’t computer savvy. I use Microsoft Word. That’s it. I have several places where I can save my manuscripts for a backup. I’ve lost entire books in the past. 

Do you do a lot of research for each book? If so how do you conduct your research?

Because I’m a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl, I do my research as I write. This involves typing a search word into the computer. Sometimes I use Sometimes just a dictionary or encyclopedia. I found a fantasy website to help with names. And if all that fails me, I belong to several fantasy writer groups on Facebook, and I’ll ask them. 

How do you overcome blank writing spells?

If short-lived, I’ll watch a movie or play a computer game. But, if I’m having a lot of trouble, I’ll write flash fiction for a bloghop. 

A number of fantasy/sci-fi authors have bee known to use art, music, exercise, alcohol and even drugs as a way to find inspiration to enter the zone!  Do you use any tools to enter into your creative headspace?

I rarely need need to do anything. That’s because, for many years, my writing space was next to the TV. And, hubby watches crime/police shows repeatedly. Since I moved the desk, I’ve gotten three books done in a year and almost 4. I do occasionally think of a song to get into how a character feels about something. For example, John Denver’s, Annie’s Song say’s a lot about how Prince Healden feels about Missie in book 1, The Treasures of Carmelidrium. 

Do you prefer to write in silence and or have some sort of sound in the background?


Describe the road you took to publishing your first novel? And how that has changed.

I self-published my first book and all the others that follow. I am also traditionally published. For those who believe indie authors aren’t good enough, it simply isn’t true. 

Will your next book be traditional or indie published? 


Would you recommend self-publishing to aspiring authors, or would you suggest a more traditional path?

Every author has their own path and goals. My recommendation would take into consideration what the person wants to do and what genre they write. 

What sort of input do you give to formatting, cover design, marketing?

As I’ve said, I’m not computer savvy. So, I hire a formatter and book cover artist. I’m still learning about marketing and have very little money to invest. So, we’ll see what happens. 

What do you do pre and post-release to help get your books noticed?

I have pre-released The Beginning of a Legend and The Rise of Lord Sinon. But, really, I did that more because getting the paper book up is a challenge, and I’d like them to be available at the same time. I’m currently waiting on two emails in this regard with two different problems. Sigh. 

Marketing is so important nowadays, what’s your best advice to fellow authors?

I’m still learning, so pick the brain of other writers and see what has worked for them. I’m going to offer, The Beginning of a Legend for free in hopes that readers of that book will also buy the next two. 

What legal publishing advice can you give?

I haven’t needed legal advice yet. 

How did you decide the pricing of your material; how did you go about promotion/advertising and distribution of your work?

When adding a manuscript to, the cost and price is calculated for you based on your choices of white or creme-colored paper, and pages. Then you play with the price until you feel it is correct. For e-books, I’ve tried the 99 cent price and still didn’t get readers. So, because I’m giving away Legends, I priced both the other e-books at $4.99. 

Advice on making an impact in today busy Scifi and Fantasy markets. 

Write what you love. I can’t say that enough. Don’t worry about what others say. Learn the rules of writing. Don’t put crap out. But write what speaks to you.

Must Read Fantasy novels?

All my favorites from above. The Hobbit, LOTR, Harry Potter, The Zanth Novels, and mine. (Grins.) 

Must read non-fantasy novels?

If you’re a writer, there are three books I highly recommend for learning the craft. The Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogler, 45 Master Characters by Victoria Lynn Schmidt, and 20 Master Plots by Ronald B. Tobias. 

For enjoyment: All Creatures Great and Small, by James Herriot, Agatha Christy novels, and more.

Also, read things that are super popular, The Games of Thrones books, by George R. R. Martin and Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. You may not enjoy these books as much, but you will learn what works and what doesn’t. 

Most prized fantasy book in your collection?

My collection has suffered through multiple moves over the past twenty years. I’m going to have to build it back up once we finally settle in our forever home.

Do you read digital, paperback or hardback or do you listen to audiobooks?

I read all the above but have never listened to a book. 

What are some difficulties you’ve experienced in your writing career; how do you handle book critiques/criticism?

A good critique and/or criticism is priceless. You can learn so much from what others say. However, anyone who is simply cruel can tear you apart. This is your baby. You’ve labored for hours, days, months, and sometimes, even years to give it life. A person who is cruel needs to be put aside in your mind. Never respond to them and do something that makes you happy. 

What are the best experiences in your writing career?

Having a review that glows about your writing and characters. There’s nothing better. 

What are some encouraging words you’d give to another author/writer?

Don’t let life discourage you. Press on. If something is hard, spend time learning how to do it. Remember, while every plot, every quest, every story has been told a thousand times before, it’s never been told the way you will tell it. You have a unique voice. Express it. 


The Rise of Lord Sinon Book 2


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