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Noah Douglas Author BIO:

Noah Douglas is an aspiring author and college student at Mount St Joseph University. He enjoys writing fiction in both Sci-fi and Fantasy, and aims to release one book each year. He hopes to influence young men and women to write and explore the boundless expanse of fiction. He also hopes to entertain readers of all ages with both engaging storylines and deep thought.


About (Who, why, when, where, what)

Tell us something about your books, including your genre and your characters and/or themes.

Thanks for asking! My name is Noah Douglas, I write a variety of both science fiction and fantasy. The Amora series is my current fantasy focus, and it’s debut was the novel Amora: A Tale of Two Brothers, a high-fantasy novel about two brothers who are essentially striving to save their kingdom from ruin. I don’t want to spoil too much, but one of them is given a divine destiny while the other is influenced by a vile demon. The characters explore the human condition, duty vs ambition, good vs evil, and more. It is an amazing novel for anyone who enjoys the high-fantasy genre and really made for anyone to read, even if they’re not terribly interested in fantasy. The Broken Empire novella series has two volumes out right now and it essentially follows four recruits as they embark on a journey into a dystopian science fiction universe torn apart by civil war.


Where are you based?

I am based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Go Bengals!


Latest releases and upcoming titles?

Current releases are:

Amora: A Tale of Two Brothers

Broken Empire: Volume 1

Broken Empire: Volume 2

Upcoming titles are:

Amora: The Regent and the Ranger

Broken Empire: Volume 3


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What inspires you to write?

It’s all about stories to me, fiction is amazing, it can take us anywhere our minds can dream to go. I started my writing journey about five years ago, but only got extremely serious over the past two years. I had much to learn along the way. I grew up with some pretty amazing stories and I wanted to either do better or make my own stories inspired off of them. There is so much content I would love to explore and I am just getting started! There is always something to write about, whether it is all fake, or allusions to the real world, the limit… well, there is no limit!


Who are your favourite fantasy writers/ fantasy authors?

My favorites will stick towards some more mainstream authors like C.S. Lewis and Tolkien who are my primary influences for much of what I have created in the fantasy genre!


Do you follow any fantasy entertainment outside of books? (Video Games, Boardgames, Comics etc)

I am a HUGE gamer! I love the Total War franchise and Total War: Warhammer 2 in particular, which some inspiration has definitely been acquired from. I love movies and tv series too, always looking for something new to watch in the genre.


What’s going on in the next few months? Anything on the Horizon?

In the next few months, production for Amora: The Regent and the Ranger will start picking up more, along with Broken Empire: Volume 3 which will likely be done by Christmas. Of course, both of these stories will be continuing well past that, with a minimum of a trilogy for Amora and a minimum of five volumes for Broken Empire (likely closer to ten). Not to mention some other written works are formulating themselves in my mind!


Was your upbringing pretty geeky?

Oh yes! Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Stargate, Narnia, Willow, and more were always within arms reach in a variety of ways.


Why should anyone read your book?

That’s the golden question isn’t it? I think that Amora touches on every part of high fantasy that you already know and love, but also goes deeper to challenge humanity and how we envision ourselves. There are a million fragments of real people that make up these characters and their complexities, so it isn’t just Kane Blackmar that you’re reading about, it’s yourself, your friend, your brother. It isn’t a dispute of this fictional family, it is your family, your life that is featured in this work. So yes, I seek to go beyond fiction, and integrate certain aspects of reality within, while still maintaining that entertainment factor that is so valuable. Ryan, Kelly, Greg and Stacey from Broken Empire are just as new to the scene as we are, so we really experience a dystopian galaxy through their eyes and relate with them more than we may want to at times.


The writing process ( Inspiration, discipline, planning, software, editing) 

Do you have a process, do you plan or do you fly by the seat of your pants?

I stick to a formula and process, however, if an opportunity or idea does show itself, I’m not afraid to jump on it! I generally format chapters from 3-6k words, preferably on the upward bound of that, and sections within those chapters from 900-1500 words on average. I do construct an outline for the book, but everything is always subject to change, which is great because amazing little things always seem to present themselves when writing a story!


How do you overcome blank writing spells?

Truthfully, sometimes I don’t. I’m a college student, so it can be very hard at times to find that opportunity to write freely. I often watch movies and play games or read books to inspire myself in these dry periods.


A number of fantasy/sci-fi authors have been known to use art, music, exercise, alcohol and even drugs as a way to find inspiration to enter the zone!  Do you use any tools to enter into your creative headspace?

Dramatic instrumental music on Spotify and a nice cold drink are my tools for inspiration, of course, there are always others. Sometimes, in between my writing, I’ll throw on a great sci-fi show I’ve seen a million times just to get myself going. I have also found that walks really help get my brain moving!


Publishing (formatting, cover design, formats, marketing)

Describe the road you took to publishing your first novel? And how that has changed.

I think that the hardest part of publishing my first novel was simply writing it. It can be very challenging to complete just the writing process, let alone editing, cover design, and etc. I definitely used my local resources to help with this, contacting those people you know who have specific skill sets can be a life saver! I’m a relatively new author, so my publication process is still a work in progress, not to mention that I am always learning new things. I’ve learned that you just have to keep trying and keep moving forward, because if you stop, nothing gets done.


Will your next book be traditional or indie published? 

I actually self-publish everything I write. Kindle Direct Publishing is my first option, I’m a very big fan of how easy to use it is. I may seek traditional publishing in the future, but not now.


Would you recommend self-publishing to aspiring authors, or would you suggest a more traditional path?

I would absolutely recommend self-publishing! It is a lot of work, mostly because you don’t have the resources of a traditional publisher, but it is an amazing experience where you are very involved in your own work and outreach. 


Marketing is so important nowadays, what’s your best advice to fellow authors?

Work, work, work. Find those opportunities and take them. It isn’t always easy, and very hard as a self-published author. However, the journey is very important and it is worth it in the end.


How did you decide the pricing of your material; how did you go about promotion/advertising and distribution of your work?

I want my work to be accessible for anyone who wants to read it, so my material is priced as low as I can price it, without being blatantly unfair to me and the money I invest in it. 



Do you read digital, paperback or hardback or do you listen to audiobooks?

I read both digital books and paperbacks, along with listening to audiobooks. Any way works for me, I sell via all of these options as well.


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Last Words From Noah Douglas Author

I really want to thank everyone for reading my works. It really brings so much joy to my heart to know that people are reading and enjoying my work. Every time I see a review appear, I get so excited to read it! My work isn’t possible without you and your support, so thank you all for reading or listening. I hope that my writing did something for you, whether that was just to entertain or inspire.

You’re all my heroes! 

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