Does Smell training work?

Yes, simply put, smell training works. However, smell training is not a magical cure that will instantly bring back your smell. Smell training is a gradual process that takes effect slowly over time. This is why I created the Smell Training journal to track my own progress over time.

Smell training, improves your sensitivity to smell and over time stimulates the olfactory nerve helping you on your way back to a life with smell.

Importance of a Smell Training Diary

A smell training diary is essential for long-term success, keep it nearby and test often. In my journal,  you can record up to three tests a day and take notes about your experiences. I believe tracking this progress over time, in this manner, gives you the ability to stay on track, to see progress even when progress is slow, to reflect on your smell training journey and finally to keep you focused, determined and on target to recover your smell once more.

How does smell training work?

I believe and I am talking from personal experience, smell training allows you to amplify, pinpoint and build upon the smell sensitivity levels you have currently. You may believe that you’re completely nose blind, but once you start smell training you might find that in some scent categories like Fruity smells you are registering 4/10, or that after exercise your smell jumps from 0/10 to 3/10. All of this is crucial information. Just like training for exams or sports, learning the techniques then applying the techniques consistently will see improvements. Over time, smell training will re-tune and refine your exciting capacity.

Start your Journey today.

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