Dream Interpretation For Self Growth

Can dream interpretation be a valid method for self-growth?

We believe so. But we are not dream experts. However, we are passionate about dreams and their interpretations. We see dreams as messages from the sub-conscious. They are the way to understand ourselves and our lives better.

Interpreting dreams has always been a difficult subject to discuss – even for professionals. Some people claim it is not important what the dreams mean, but how they make you feel and react to them.

Others say that learning about your dreams is exactly what self-help and self-discovery are about. And that these efforts, i.e the interpretation of dreams, are what we may need to achieve more success and balance in life.

So What Are Dreams?

Dreams are internal personal experiences that are usually experienced when we sleep, however, they can be difficult to interpret.

When we sleep, most of us dream (yes, some people do not dream!) When we dream, the dreaming life takes over the waking life, meaning our mind is submerged in a state of “sleep-wakefulness” during sleep. It is not an uncommon experience for stimuli from the waking life to continue into sleep – for example, a song heard in the day will often show up later in a dream.

Are dream generated by the subconscious mind or are they signals from other dimensions, glimpses of the future, our fears, hopes etc manifest or a combination of all the above?

Tools For Understanding Dreams

There have been many academics and scholars throughout time, that have devoted large allocations of their life to unravelling the mystery of dreams. Notable Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung.

Freudian theory is a common theory of interpreting dreams. Freud’s theory suggests that dreams are the fulfilment of wishes and desires that have been suppressed during our waking hours.

Using tools for dream interpretation has increased in modern times. These tools provide many ways to interpret our dreams, such as traditional psychoanalysis, Jungian, and Kabbalah dream interpretation methods.

A standard dream interpretation method in psychoanalysis is to use the symbols and motifs that arise during dreams as a way to interpret their meaning. In this interpretation, the process typically follows steps of identifying an element, trying to find its meaning in a dream context, and then putting it back together with the rest of the dream using these meanings. This process will typically include a ‘process of elimination’. In the interpretation, the analyst is not simply doing guesswork, but is applying what they know about dream symbols to find a meaning in context.

For example, someone sees an object and think it means “coins” without any other clues, but when asked why they think that, they might say something like “because I used to use them to try and buy my way out of a bad situation” or “because I’m excited about what the future could bring. I have just started a new business.”

Understanding what your dream starts with making a note of your dreams with a Dream Journal.

Note: There are now even AI software systems to interpret dreams – Researchers at MIT have now developed an AI system that can analyse and pinpoint patterns in a person’s dreaming brainwaves.

Everyone Dreams

One thing is certain. Dreams are a huge part of our lives, and we should take their meanings seriously.

If dreams are a guiding hand of the Soul/Higher self/Source/Spirit/God/ Sub conscious Mind/ Super conscious etc then all we know for certain is, they work in mysterious ways. An understanding of our dreams is the most direct way of tapping into this cosmic intelligence, be it internal to us or external to us. This is one of the easier methods when compared to other means, such as meditation, yoga, Gratitude journaling, pain practices, hallucinogenic substances, clairvoyance training and other psychic developments. The reason for this ease is that most of us dream!

Interestingly, once we become proficient at understanding our own dreams, we can apply dream interpretation to other areas, too. We regularly use dreams to interpret the symbols of clairvoyant visions that come to us while in meditation. Understanding the symbology can assist one in bridging a transition onto higher and more abstract means of knowing. Simply understanding our inner world can help us Know Thy Self.

The Skill Of Dream Interpretation.

There are certain skills and tools that I feel are important for successful dream interpretation. One of which is a developed intuition. Unfortunately, this faculty is something that no dream interpretation book or website can have. It is something that only we ourselves can nurture.

Intuition binds and creates recognisable connections to the seemingly unrelated dream visions and symbols. This, in turn, structures the connections into a cohesive and meaningful message.

Intuition is not mental reasoning. It is simply that inner knowing of feeling/sensing that is beyond logic and reasoning. Intuition is, in fact, a real cognitive process. Unfortunately, our modern civilization is heavily ‘mental-rationalisation driven’ and therefore is not in the capacity to validate a higher order process such as intuition. We may have been placing too much emphasis on logic, proving, and reasoning.

However, there are many tools available to the modern human set on reclaiming and heightening their innate abilities to sense and feel beyond the physical.

Intuition sometimes doesn’t tell you the outcomes of events. Most times, it is simply an inner knowing that explains and provides answers. A gut feeling! When interpreting dreams, we use our rational minds and our gut.

Key Tools are a Dream Journal and a Dream Dictionary.

The Dream Journal and Why it is Important. 

The Dream Journal by Tenacious journals will help you to understand your subconscious desires and fears. It will give you a place to release your unconscious mind when you awake, draw dream symbols, note down common dreams, common dream themes, dream meanings, dream recall, dream analysis.

The importance of this tool is that it can help you to understand the psychology behind your actions, why you are doing what you are doing, and potentially help you make the changes needed in order to create new habits.

Sometimes, it can make people more productive or even stop smoking or drinking alcohol. It’s very easy and it doesn’t take much time so anyone can do it!


Dreams could be a powerful communication tool between the unconscious mind and the conscious mind a way for your brain to communicate directly with you. Is it not time you tried to intend what you are saying to yourself?

Nowadays, most folk spend more time watching TV or on their phones than thinking about their dreams. 

This is a problem that people don’t take seriously enough. We need to interpret our dreams to understand our inner worlds better.

Our Dream Journal is here for you to keep a dream diary that will help you note down, just after you wake up in the morning all of your dreams. Keep track of what you dream about, have outstanding dreams and wake up feeling refreshed and full of understanding with our Dream Journal.