How can I regain my sense of smell?

This is the most common question asked by those who have recently lost their smell. The loss of smell can affect individuals differently both in the range of smell lost and the side effects of the individual’s mental and physical health. 

Have you recently lost or had a change in your sense of smell?

The good news is for most a change in smell is not serious and will resolve itself naturally within a few weeks. However, for a minority, the loss of smell can be more long term and affect smell, taste and wellbeing.

What causes a loss or change in the sense of smell?

Changes in sense of smell are most often caused by:

The cold or flu

Sinusitis or sinus infections

An allergy, like hay fever or dust

Nasal polyps

Covid 19

These can cause:

loss of smell (anosmia)

Smelling things that aren’t there (phantosmia), like fungus, floral and smoke 

A reduced sense of smell (hyposmia)

Tools for a loss of smell


First, if you have not been to the DRs, book an appointment and take it to the professionals. 

There are many solutions available to a DR for example steroid nasal sprays may help if you have sinusitis. 

Daily salt water rinses can be good for allergy related smell problems. Search Nety pot or Neti pot.

However, If you have been down the route and your sense of smell is still impacted in any way the next route back to smell is Smell Training. 

For my quick guide on Smell Training can be found here. 

What you will need. Four Jars, Four Labels, One pen, Four scents, Four pieces of paper/kitchen towel and a Smell Training Journal.

Please note 

Sometimes changes in sense of smell can’t be treated and may be permanent.Add block