April 2022

Wow, time flies when you’re having fun. It is April 2022 and I have another newsletter ready for you. In this month’s bulletin.

  • New Blurb for TSITS and hardback mockup.
  • Marketing Tactics
  • A new fantasy author interview
  • The complete guide to creating an author website ( or any website)
  • Best fantasy author tips!
  • David Gemmell Books
  • Windows key V for Ultra clipboard.

New Blurb for The Silence in The Song and hardback mockup.

I would really love some feedback, would this make you read my book? Would my cover make you think about reading the blurb? Any advice would be much appreciated.



Death is not the end. The immortal King and his legion of otherworldly beings have made sure of that. 

The immortal king’s empire expands southward, consuming everything in its path.

A young nomad, born of prophecy, comes of age, plagued by visions of the King’s brutal conquests and the strange etheric beings that consume the souls of the dead left in the King’s wake.

This is the story of an uncommon boy who dares to believe that he can be the difference, that he can challenge the immortal King for the freedom of every soul on the planet.

The story is set in a human-like world and has a heroic/epic fantasy feel. A mix of barbarian tales, worldview building, magic, spiritual dimensions, philosophical curiosity, ancient myths, psychedelic visions, conspiracies, martial arts and questions about the nature of life, death and reality.

This is an epic fantasy novel with science fiction elements. A firm cross over between the two disciplines.

Join Arran, the silence in the song, as he discovers himself and what he is capable of.

Marketing Tactics

This link will take you to a site where you can download a CSV file with over 70 modern marketing strategies. There are tactics for beginners right through to advanced. The website itself has a free option, and if you sign up you can access their tactics, you cant implement them via their platform but you can read them and then apply them to your own business, service, products etc. 

A great read to get the marketing mind back in action.

A new fantasy author interview

My latest fantasy author interview is up. This one is with Richie Billing, a Liverpudlian fantasy writer. Check it out and if you enjoy it, check out his books.

The complete guide to creating an author website ( or any website)

There are so many bad websites out there. You may own one!  So I did my bit for the author community and wrote a simple guide to making a solid, basic website. This guide can be applied to most industries.

Best fantasy author tips!

I ain’t G RR Martin or Tolkien but I have learnt a lot through writing my first fantasy novel and thought I would summarise what I have learnt from the mistakes I have made. And I have made a lot.

David Gemmell Books.

After many years I am once again am reading David Gemmell novels, if you love heroic fantasy there is no better author in the genre. This is where my passion for fantasy and especially heroic fantasy started. If you love the genre check his work out. 

Windows key V for an upgraded clipboard experience.

Windows user? Did you know you can ‘ctr c’ multiple items into your clipboard then view them all at once? Yes, you can pull up a history of your copied to clipboard items and then select multiple items to paste? Instead of ctr V, press ‘windows key’ and V to pull up the mega clipboard. For more info check out this article. It is a game-changer! 

Thanks for tuning in and thanks for staying with me. I am now publishing all previous newsletters on my website ( delayed by two months) 

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