December 2021

Hello again, thanks for sticking with me, much appreciated.

In this months Robb Wallace Author newsletter I am going to be looking at

  • Selling Tips.
  • Text To Speech Software.
  • The Silence In The Song Progress.
  • Health, Mind and Body Journals
  • Latest Fantasy Author Interview.

Selling Tips

Now as you are aware the whole point of a newsletter is to engage the reader, provide value worthy of the reader, build a community and potentially upsell more products (directly or indirectly). 

In some of my non-fiction books, I write about marketing and sales.  So what can I tell you about selling? Here is my top six tips to improve your sales.

1) Be honest, I have sold everything from store goods to bus tours, mobile phones to charity sign-ups. In-person and online. For commission and salaried. My experience tells me people like to know what they are buying and why, no bullshit, no ridiculous BS promises. Be straight from the hip.

2) Problem, Solution, Call to Action. Whatever problem your product or service solves this is always a great starting place for selling. When a problem needs to be solved and you have the solution. Boom. i.e If your website sucks, it doesn’t rank and it is lost in cyberspace. SEO A Laymans Guide can help you make suck less.

3) People buy people, so be yourself, share your knowledge and don’t just cut everything short and gung ho for the sale. This should actually be NO 1. People buy people first.

4) Embrace rejection. Yip, most of the time you’re not going to get the sale, embrace it, learn from it. Don’t give up. Your product or service, price, quality etc is not for everyone. It can’t possibly be. So get comfortable with rejection.

5) Positioning: This is everything from awards, reviews, TV appearances etc Anything that lets a customer know of your credibility, your experience, knowledge etc. Positioning fosters trust.

I am an award-winning adventure filmmaker and academic. These are two-piece of information I use to foster trust in my media-related products like “Smartphone Smart Marketing” which teaches people how to make videos with their phones. I.e The potential buyer now knows that they are learning how to craft video from an award-winning film-maker, which makes it far more appealing. What are your strengths and position them upfront?

6) Reviews: Word of mouth be it physical or digital is still one of the best things we can do to sell products or services. A strong review will sell your stuff, so make sure you ask everyone who has purchased to leave a review. Reviews are powerful.

I hope these help you and give you some food for thought. Ok, let’s look at Text to Speech.


Text To Speech
Text To Speech as an editing aid. In my latest blog, I explore a new tool I have been using to help me edit my fantasy book. Text to speech software has many applications in web design, business, content creation and accessibility.  You can read it here.


The Silence In The Song Progress.

Recently I discovered Text To Speech and using Microsofts Read Aloud feature integrated into WORD, I have found a renewed focus. One of the major problems in editing a 150K fantasy book is I know everything that is happening and my brain a lot of time just fills in the information. So, even though I am editing, I miss so much. But when you hear the words read out loud and it is wrong, for me it is just so much easier to find the flaws and correct them.

I also purchased a few drawing courses in the black Friday sales. And am planning to create a few images for the book. Including maps, character portraits and scenes. There is a big world in my mind and I need to learn how to get it out visually via my pen. Which me luck. 

The Silence In The Song


Health, Mind and Body Journals
I created a series of journals initially to learn the Amazon publishing system. So when I am ready to release my first epic fantasy novel I would be conformable with the publishing and marketing side of book publishing. This progressed into making journals that I am passionate about. This series of journals is all about health, mind and body.

Each draws from my own experience and practice and was designed for my own needs. I.e I created the solution I wished was available. 


Latest Fantasy Author Interview.

Hello to everyone reading. My name is Mark Rosendorf and I’m happy to be here. By day, I am a New York City high school guidance counsellor for students with special needs. I am also a former professional magician and now I teach magic to my students. However, at night, I sit in front of my computer and type away as the creative juices flow from my brain to my fingers. My main work is the award-winning Witches of Vegas series which consists of two books and a third on the way. It is a young adult fantasy series that has taken the reading world by storm.