February 2022

Welcome to the February edition of the Robb Wallace Newsletter. Thanks for not unsubscribing. In this month’s bumper spectacular, I will be looking at

  • Artwork
  • Cover Artwork- with AI face
  • TSITS Update
  • FA Interview
  • Solo Keys
  • Free mockups.


Over the last x amount of years, I have created many covers for The Silence In The Song. To date, this is the one I am most happy with. Would you pick it up? Or chose to read the blurb? It has Arran, the main character upfront. He is a nomadic, mind-melding, mushroom consuming hero. I am selling it well. 



Cover Artwork- with AI face

What is a model release form? A model release form is a contract that outlines the agreement between a model and the photographer, used in photography/video, games. A model release allows the photographer etc to use the photos promotionally or sell the photos commercially. So this applies to any form of marketing, when you use a human face, you need a model release form.

To get around this, I used an artificially generated face and then photoshopped that into my cover image. Yip, that face is AI-generated. It is pretty amazing; I agree. Head on over to to see the magic in action, now every time you refresh the website, it will generate a new face, and yes, these people do not exist. Hence, no copyright!  


TSITS Update 

I am deep in the edit still, 100K words done, 40K to go. I have also written 40K of the second book and have started working on this during my lunch break at work. Slowly but surely, I am making progress.


FA Interview

J W Davis Interview


James Davis is an honours graduate of History and a retired social studies instructor. His series, the Bow Maiden Chronicles, draws upon his experience growing up in a working-class environment and his studies in ancient history, creating an exciting mix of tough resilient characters in a fascinating yet familiar landscape. After retiring from teaching, he moved to the Pacific Northwest with his wife and their dog Luna where they spend most of their free time in the temperate rain forests and rugged beaches. 


Solo Keys

We have a key for our home and our car, but we don’t have a physical key for our digital life. Maybe you should, this month I set up Solo keys i.e a physical key to secure my key online accounts. As we move forward into a 100% digital era, physical keys make more and more sense. How do they work? First set up two-factor authentication, then instead of a text message to confirm that it is you logging into your email, you can use a physical USB key which you need to enter into the computer’s port. So no matter if a hacker has your password, they cannot enter your accounts, as they do not have access to your physical-digital key. Free mockups.

Place It is a fantastic place to find mockups. Be it books, t-shirts, posters, laptops, phones, signs, billboards etc. There are hundreds of free mockups, images and videos. So if you’re looking for a cool graphic that you can manipulate to promote your book, product, business, or group check out 



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