January 2022

Happy new year good people of the  Robb Wallace Newsletter. I hope 2022 is your year, with prosperity and health coming your way every minute, hour, day, week and month.  

In this month’s newsletter.

  • Steak Bake Audio
  • New blog- 699 headlines to inspire any blog.
  • The future of social media – Joe Rogan podcast
  • My Author Interview with Jackie McKeever
  • Fantasy Author Interviews from 2021
  • TSINS- Update
  • New T-Shirt Designs

Steak Bake Audio

With the text to speech audio I highlighted in my last newsletter, I ran Steak Bake through it.  It was great hearing the story come to life, but the American AI just did not do the Scottish vampire killing, vampire vigilante, Steak Bake justice and so after a year of release, I thought I would read it and fire it up on my YouTube account for everyone to enjoy the world of Steak Bake. 

Note: Lost of swearing!!

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The video is here 

New blog- 699 headlines to inspire any blog.

Hundreds of ready-made headlines to inspire your next blog. Blogging is a powerful way to bring potential buyers to your website (PS: if you have a website you really should be blogging.) I cover this extensively in my book SEO A Layman’s Guide. In the book, I give about thirty blog headline examples and break down why they work with examples. Here in this blog, I give a few examples and then deliver over 690 + headline templates for you to use. And show you how to get more, not that you would ever need more. Check it out here>

The future of social media – Joe Rogan podcast

In this episode of the JRE podcast, the guests Tristan Harris and  Daniel Schmachtenberger highlight the current state of social media and how it is used by governments and corporations to manipulate everything we do, including our political affiliation, buying decisions and how this even impacts how long our family reunions last and more. A great discussion for anyone interested in current events, the digital landscape and the technological future we are now intertwined with.

Author Interview – Jackie McKeever

I recently did an interview with Jackie Mckeever on her Victory Chat Podcast, it is mainly a business and entrepreneurial-based discussion. I answer questions she had prepared and talked about SEO, marketing, business and more.

Fantasy Author Interviews 

I have a few interviews waiting to be processed, it has been a busy few months and hopefully a few will make it into next months newsletter until then here are two from before my newsletter was a thing.

TSINS- Update

Currently, at chapter 20 ish and making good progress. However, I now have two full chapters of world-building/ info-dumping, which the developmental editor has highlighted extensively. However, the previous twenty chapters have equipped me for it, time for me to transform them. Wish me luck.

In other news, I purchased some landscape and matte painting tutorials on black Friday and plan to photoshop magnificent landscapes for every chapter. I am looking forward to bringing these landscapes to life.   

New T-Shirt Designs

Finally, I made some new author/ writer related T-shirts. As you may be aware I view this whole indie author business as a PUNK/DIY style business and lifestyle and until my larger fiction titles have been released II need to continuously hustle to bring in the coins. Hence, why I have created an entire line of author-related T-shirts. Check them out. They make a great gift for yourself or for a loved one who loves writing. 

If you got this far, thank you. We are floating through infinite space on a small blue planet, life is short. Time to make your dreams come true. 2022 is our year 🙂 Until next month,  stay awesome.