July 2022

The Summer is here, it is July 2022 Newsletter time.


Time flies when you are having fun. In this month’s newsletter.


New Blog – Best Laptops for Writers

So this blog serves three purposes, 1: to educate and inform readers about the various options available to them and what to look for in a dedicated writing laptop. 2: Drive author traffic to my website, 2: Affiliate commissions, yes each of the laptop links have an Amazon link, so if purchased I make a small commission and no cost to the buyer. So if you looking for a new laptop for pounding out hundreds of thousands of words this is the article for you.


New Website Color blind Website.

I am red/green colour blind and each of my books discusses this in some way including my upcoming fantasy. However, I get frustrated with accessing tools, resources and information daily as I cruise around the internet. So I decided to make my own solution. Just two pages just now, 1: a compilation of different colour blind tests and 2: a compilation of different colour blind chrome extensions for assisting colour deficient users in accessing information from webpages.  The US spelling is because I bought an aged domain with backlinks and authority. (Find more about SEO in my SEO A Layman’s guide book.). If you know anyone who is colour blind send them over to it, the chrome extensions will change their internet navigation and over the next few months, I will be adding the various software I use for both windows and mac as well as articles, and tools, research etc. This is a passion project to help others like me.

Diversifying Income As An Indie Author.

I think as a modern-day indie author (trying to make this my full-time income) you need to diversify your income, so over the last few years, this is exactly what I have been building towards. 

Books – I sell several books (Nonfiction, Fiction, Journals) across multiple platforms (Amazon, Apple Books, Google etc)

T-Shirts – I sell author-oriented merch

Affiliate blogs, partnerships and commissions – I make commissions from Amazon, as well as various software packages that I use and endorse like Publisher Rocket

Affiliate Websites – I am building a few affiliate websites, these rely on lots of good content something my non-fiction author brains love creating. 

Google Ads – Delivering ads to my affiliate websites.

It is a digital-first world and as a small business indie author, you need to diversify. 


Speakers Corner

When in London on a Sunday one must go to speakers corner. When I stayed in London speakers corner was my church. Folks from all over the world are meeting to discuss ideas, religion, politics, philosophy etc AMAZING. Well, I was in London at the weekend visiting friends and on the way home I stopped in at speakers corner and had a wee chat, challenged some ideas and got some interesting discussions. Of note was the flat earther using emotion as the foundation of his argument, not reason, logic or science. Love a great debate, and argument and really miss the idea generation machine that is the speakers’ corner. Some of the most interesting characters you will ever meet, so If you are in London get yourself down to marble arch on a Sunday and get included. 


Marketing Trilogy

A trifecta of marketing goodness. Learn how to create and get eyeballs on your content with Content Creation, Marketing and SEO. No use having a business if no one knows you’re there. BE found, be seen with my non-fiction books


Stay awesome and keep trucking.