June 2022

Hello, welcome to the June 2022 newsletter it is officially summer and I have begun to burn!

I hope everyone is doing well and living life with passion and purpose.

In this month’s epic newsletter I am going to be covering 

  • A recent interview I did for Epic
  • The final draft arrives
  • Holiday and the Archer
  • Profit Write 5.0
  • New blogs

Epic Indie Interview

A recent interview I did for Epic Indie, a website dedicated to indie authors of sci-fi and fantasy.  

The final draft arrives

The final edit of “The Silence In The Song” has arrived back in my hands. I have a few things to do then I will be diving in head first. Hopefully,  this will be the last pass. Then it’s on to finalising the cover design, book formatting, ISBNs, marketing etc. Hopefully, it won’t be too long now before I release this epic bad boy to the world. Its time is nearly here 🙂


I went on holiday. Up to the North West of Scotland with the wife. I drank beer, ate lots of food, and took lots of photos of mountains, landscapes, forests and more. All research for further books. We also took a boat trip where the tour guide recounted a story of a highlander who shot an arrow 500 m, he then went on to say it was a myth, but It may have been possible. I will research it and you can expect a blog on it soon enough. As a former archery instructor, I found it fascinating.

Write, Publish, Profit 5.0

I have another amazing stack for you, this time it is for writers! Here is the blurb. 

Write Smarter. Publish Faster. Profit More.

Get instant access to 52 bestselling ebooks, top-rated Ecourses, ready-to-go author website templates, award-winning writing and editing software, writing workbooks, free book promotions, and much more.

Total retail value:


Yours today for only $49.

New Blogs 

I wrote a few blogs last month.

Appsumo is the place to get great software deals. Like the newsletter software, I am using here. Use my code and get $10 off your first purchase.

SE Ranking is one of the top SEO software available, and my go-to tool for SEO. I wrote a review and signed up for their affiliate programme. Get your website to rank, buy my book and use SE Ranking or just use SE Ranking or just let your website disappear into the depths of the internet unseen. 

A short blog on the importance of press releases and some tips for authors. In my day job, I send a lot of press releases.

Finally, I re wrote an older blog, updating it. Pro Writing Aid is one of the best, if not the best non-human editors for authors. It runs lots of reports and gives you lots of tools to enhance your novel. Like Grammarly but for full books. Check it out.

Well, that is another newsletter done, hope there was something worthy of your time. Thanks for sticking with me. Stay awesome and keep building those dreams 🙂