March 2022

Hello beautiful people, it is March 2022 and I am feeling good. I hope you are too. The world has gone a bit crazy, WW3 and all, as they say, out of the frying pan (Covid) and into the fire. 

Stay safe, stay strong, stay awesome. 

In this months Robb Wallace Author Newsletter 

  • TSITS Update
  • Lumina
  • Self Publishing 101
  • YouTube Travel.
  • Top Websites
  • Chrome Flex
  • Funny Author review Image
  • Image inspiration.

The Silence In The Song Update

Nothing really to report on the epic fantasy front. Still editing, a few hours every night, making sure everything within my power has been done. This is my last pass through before being sent to the editor. Then, fingers crossed, time to publish.


Reading Lumina by Paddy Tyrell, a fun fantasy adventure, about halfway through and really enjoying it. If your looking for a cool adventure read with dragons and more, check it out.

Self Publishing 101

Ever thought ‘I want to write a book’? Well, I can’t help you with the writing, but I can help you with the publishing, my 101 blog covers most of the bases with regards to Self Publishing. I have lots to add to this blog, but for now, it lays a solid foundation and answers most questions.

YouTube Travel

I have been consuming these “Deadliest Road” documentaries on YT. I mountain biked one of these deadliest roads in Bolivia( many years ago), but some of these roads in this series are seriously insane. These documentaries are a great way to travel the world and see the places less travelled. When the roads are bad, few people travel. Great documentary series from a largely unreported world. There are hundreds of them but these were good.





Top Websites

Some great websites for you this month. – Download Tik Tok videos and remove the watermark -Rubbish at photoshop? Remove any image backgrounds easily and for free. Search this site for open-source, alternative and free software for all the things you use. From Microsoft word to Netflix. Find the questions people are asking.

Chrome Flex

Chrome OS is Google’s OS, essentially it is a basic operating system that represents as a simple web browser and comes installed on low-powered laptops, i.e. Chromebooks. Google has just released Chrome Flex for free, which can be installed on any laptop. Why instal it? If you have an old laptop running on windows, life can be painful. Old windows laptops are slow, battery hogs.  Chrome Flex will bring life and speed back to any older laptop. I have tried it and it works like a dream. My old Dell went from 20 min battery life to over two hours, and boot time went from almost 15 minutes to less than one minute. Highly Recommended.

Funny Author Review

Yip, we are just making stuff up 🙂



Image Inspiration

Obviously, travelling to magical places is the best way to inspire the imagination, but until that happens again, I will travel via Google images. A majestic Doist temple from deep in the mountains of China.