May 2022

May 2022

WOW may is here and covid has almost disappeared from the news, replaced by war, energy crisis, food shortages and global resets. But don’t worry I am here with my dose of high-quality awesomeness to get your May off to a brilliant start. 


  • Free Creative Writing Workshop.
  • Many Chat – Chatbots.
  • New Blogs – AI writers and Fantasy Name Generators, Dream journals and more.
  • New Fantasy Author Interview
  • FREE SEO reports
  • Suspension from work.


Edit your Novel Free workshop.

A free creative writing workshop exploring the most effective methods of editing a novel. If you are interested in writing, learning the craft and more check out this FREE workshop by Richie. He was featured last month in the Fantasy Author Interview. I will be attending. Always learning!



Many chat is a chatbot that you can hook up to Instagram, Facebook etc. You can use many chat to perform customers service, sell stuff, answer common questions, deliver replies etc.


For example, you can trigger a set response or flow when someone says Hello, Hi, Hey and reply with if your looking for my website click here, if you are interested in my newsletter click here, or if you have any other questions write them below and I will get back to you ASAP.


Or you could run a FB advert for a free editing workshop and say TYPE “Edit” in the comments. Once that keyword is typed it triggers the response from many chat. That response could be anything from sending a welcome message and a link to the event etc.


There are thousands of use cases and I have seen it used well, recently I have sighnedb back into many chat after many years away and am once again building my flows. Message me with a hi or hello on instagram for a cruse example. 


New Blogs

Ai writers and how stacks up. BTW AI writers are now pretty darn good! 


Looking for a character name, I have compiled the best fantasy name generators and given examples of names generated by each. Some are really cool and others are not so. 


Then three blogs on Dreams and Medittion. These are to build traffic and authority towards my dream and meditation journals. SEO 101. BTW I sell some cool journals :) 

New Fantasy Author Interview

It has been a while but I have another one up. Author Dylan J Silver 


Free SEO website assessment.

I am now offering free SEO reports for your website direct from mine. Just head on over, type in your website and download the report. Your email goes into my newsletter but you are already here. 


Suspended From Work

Yip, I was suspended from my work. This has relighted my desire to be free of the system and has made me double down on the dream of being a full-time author. 


New Art for The Silence In The Song

New CGI art is being generated, also my map is 90% done but still learning both software programmes so hopefully will have an update for you in next month’s Newsletter.



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Stay awesome.