Appsumo Lifetime Deals For Authors And Businesses

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Why are the Appsumo Lifetime Deals so important for upcoming authors, indie authors and small businesses? Well, unless you’re JK Rowling, GRR Martin or Stephen King you’re probably a small time author and small business like me, doing everything (newsletter, website, marketing, SEO, content creation, social media etc) on a shoe string.

At first glance, when the dream of being a writer is still in its infancy, we see the dream as simple as writing a book and selling the book. Then, as we finish the first book, we realise that there is a lot more to it. One of the biggest lessons I have learned is obscurity is an author’s worst enemy and that we as authors need to build our own empires, our own brands, our own slice of the online digital world, for no one is going to do it for us. And that means we need a website, social media, a newsletter, cover design, graphic designs, photography, blog content and more.

Then you realise that to start a website you need an online business, a host, a domain name, SEO, content (images, video, words), blog posts and digital products. For social you need content, images, video and scheduling software. Then we go onto build our customer base via a newsletter, and we need to build an email list. For that, we need newsletter software. How much a month? Wowsers! You see where I am going with this? It all mounts up. 

In this article on Appsumo Lifetime Deals, you will learn how we as authors can consolidate a lot of those monthly subscriptions into one-time payments and not only that, I will give you a link for $10 off your first purchase. So let’s get in to it. 

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And yes, I got the software on AppSumo- 7500 contacts for life with unlimited send capacity for $59! 

Appsumo Is The Solution.

This is where Appsumo comes in. Appsumo is the leading digital marketplace for digital marketeers, entrepreneurs and startups and the best thing is most of the software they offer is on the Appsumo lifetime deal model, which give you access and updates for life. Yes, you read that correctly. But the deals don’t last long. Most have a three month window. So, you have to have your finger on the pulse.

An Author Business.

I remember clearly when I realised for the first time that to be an author; I needed to be a business. Every new book idea needs to be treated like a new product. I needed to channel my inner NIKE and treat everything like a new pair of Air Jordans. 

What’s The Catch With Appsumo

Now there are a few caveats, some deals, well most of the deals that are on Appsumo are there, because it is the no1 marketplace to launch new software. Let me take a step back. Appsumo works like this. Appsumo has a large community of entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, small business’s and agencies and they are all looking to lower their overheads. Upcoming software companies ready to launch new software are looking for a huge community of entrepreneurs, small business, etc.  

The software company offers up their new to the world SAAS at an amazing price. The community buys it and gives real world feedback, allowing them an influx in capital, and a great way to find bugs, and get real world, unfiltered feedback. WIN WIN.

I have An Appsumo Deal For You

Hey! The fact that yo are here, means you are one of the smartest entrepreneurs around, you’re on the right track and I’m sure you’re into automating busywork: lead gen, social media, SEO, video, content writing… etc. AppSumo helps me quickly discover innovative products that boost productivity and extend capabilities—giving me more time to focus on what matters. Writing! I think you’d love it, too. Grab any of my three marketing books at a discount on APPSUMO.

Quality Control

Now I have purchased a fair few Appsumo lifetime Deals. And most have become software that I use every day.

Like Frase, the software I write all of my blogs in. Including this one. Check it out here. 

And NeuronWriter Read my review, it’s epic.

SE Ranking is a powerful SEO tool I use to keep me ahead of the competition.

Read my – SE Ranking Review – Is it Worth It.

Rytr – An AI writing tool that is great for social media, short form content and generating ideas.

Read my – Rytr Review – is it worth it. 

This list could go on and on. I have literally spent thousands on Appsumo products, and I have reduced my author business overheads dramatically in doing so. Now, here is the best bit. There is a 60 day money-back guarantee on every purchase. I must confess I have used this a few times, and it was a no questions asked, immediate refund each time. On one of those refunds, I missed out big time as it went on to become one of the market leaders, developing lots of new and innovative tools and new customers to that software are now paying £100 per month to use it willingly. Ah well, you win some; you lose some, but you have to be in it to win it.

Appsumo For Authors 

So what does Appsumo offer the indie author and or small author business? Please NOTE: Software deals are almost always for a limited time only. Most are only available for two to three months. The examples below may now be expired, but it shows you some of the software that has been available. Check out Appsumos’ current deals and remember to check out my books on the platform. 

Yip, I sell books via Appsumo and you can too. Click through and search For SEO A Layman’s Guide, Smartphone Smart Marketing and 80 Ideas To Market your Business.

Appsumo sells software, courses, creative assets, eBooks, templates and services and these categories are further broken up into accounting, client management, content, course, CRM, data& analytics, design, E-commerce, education, HR, Lead generation, legal, marketing, productivity, sales, security, SEO, social media, stock photos, support, video, web development and WordPress but here are some of the key areas where you could find a deal for you growing indie author empire.

Website Hosting

Website SEO Tools

SEO Books

Blog Writing Assistant and copywriting tools

Writing Tool

Video Hosting

Podcasting Tools

Email List Building Tools, build email campaigns, email subscribers with a lifetime deal on Newsletter schedulers

Funnels and Landing pages

Marketing Tools galore.

Software for business operations, organising, lead gen, planning, task management and more.

Online Courses – host your own on your website.

Copyright Protection

Book Distribution Software.

Now, as I have mentioned, deals come and go, but over the course of a few years I have moved all of my subscription services over to lifetime Deals and you can too.

If you search through Appsumos offers, you will find Photoshop alternatives, Canva Alternatives, Trello Alternatives, Mail Chimp Alternatives, Ahrefs Alternatives, Business Software, SEO software, digital marketing software and more.

Conclusion – Appsumo Lifetime Deals For Authors and Businesses

It is simple to use my links, and start building a true author business, with the tools you need without any recurring monthly subscriptions. Start today, enjoy forever, well, for as long as you live.

Marketing and SEO books that may be of interest.