Author Press Releases For SEO

Every author wants to talk about their books, products and services. Owners of businesses are always eager to spread the word about their businesses in order to attract more consumers and increase their revenue. Being an author is a business. We have products and we are trying to sell them. As authors, we mainly see our selves as creatives, but we need to take off that hat and start to think like a cash strapped STARUP. This is where we, as authors, start thinking about online marketing and our author press releases.

Pres Release As A Part Of Your Marketing Strategy.

If you want to become successful in your online book business, you must have a well-planned online marketing strategy. There are many ways to attract potential customers online, such as search engine advertising, search engine optimisation, video commercials, affiliate programs, newsletter distribution via email, social media, forums, and author press releases.

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Purpose Of A Press Release

When you release a press release about your latest book, your primary goal is to let people know about your book, and you as an author. What is press release about? It is about promotion. Make your press release as interesting and attractive as possible. Start with a good tag line that sums up and grabs attention. Then a series of bullet points covering the salient facts. Why? Journalists are busy! They want to know if they should read on. The reality is most unsolicited press releases will not be open and will not be read, just as you take time and effort to craft a strong opening blurb for your book to hook potential readers, you must apply the same tactics to secure journalists and readers of your press release.

Quality as always.

You have spent a lot of time and effort writing your books, creating your covers, distributing them etc. now take the time to produce a well-written press release. This will give you more chance of it being an effective press release and therefore more chance of reaching your target audience and driving organic traffic to your website or sales page.

Distributing Your Author Press Release.

There are two primary routes to distributing your latest book’s press release.

1: Find bloggers, reviewers, YouTubers, magazines, newspapers, radio stations, podcasts and more and send them your press release. 

2: You use one of the many free or paid press release services online.

Benefits Of Personal Outreach

You are selecting and targeting specific influencers that you believe will resonate with your books. These folks have an audience that you want to tap into and if they see fit to publish or make reference to your book release on their channel, be it a website, video or social media, then you could strike gold. Best strategy is to build a list of potential sites etc in a spreadsheet and maintain that sheet for press releases in the future.

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Benefits Of A PR Distribution Site

Press releases are one of the easiest and most cost-effective marketing techniques for creating a buzz around your website, books, and services. There are many online press release services, sometimes referred to as release distribution services, and you can choose whether you want the free service or if you want them to be paid for.

Between the two types of services, there are real distinctions to be made. There are only a few features in most free press release services. Most will not allow you to add html tags or upload images, restrict the word count and more. After all it is a free service.

Paid press releases services, on the other hand, will feature your release on their website. They will allow for links to your products, images, longer word counts, Bios, even video.  They then push this out to their networks, this could include Google news, various online news outlets, national and international press/ newspapers and magazines, etc. In a nutshell, these services can make your book release become more visible. However, you should not rely on the idea that the more you spend, the better. You must also make an appealing announcement. This is important to attract visitors and readers.

Press Releases And SEO

So, just by creating a press release, it is not enough. You also have to publish it, and you need to get it read by the people who want to read it. Publicizing a press release can help your website’s SEO (Search engine optimization). By having your link on your press release point to your website, you will get a backlink from every one who publishes it (picks up your press release) therefore increasing the promotion of your website. 

It is very important that you gain backlinks to help you optimize your search engine results. The more backlinks you have, the greater the chances that you will be ranked higher in Google. The higher your page ranks, the more possibilities you have of ranking higher in search for your keywords. The higher your position in search engines, the more traffic you will get for your site. Remember that the people doing the most research only click on the links on the top pages of the site. They would not waste their time going to the 100th page or even the second! SEO experts rely on backlinks to determine whether a website is popular. The fact that more sites are linking to your site is a good indicator that your site is reliable and that it offers something useful to your visitors. Learn more about SEO with my book,  SEO A Layman’s Guide.


Writing a book is only the beginning. Getting it out to readers or potential readers is the key. Obscurity is an author’s true enemy. A well crafted PR could, as part of a wider marketing strategy, help bring more eyes balls to your books. Hope this was of some use. If it was, please feel free to share, and sign up to my newsletter for the latest articles and news.


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