Best Author And Writer Memes

Sometimes a good author meme is all you need. Be it writers bloc, not feeling worthy, sales stalling, ideas drying up, character inspiration, a writer meme can turn it all around. Alternatively they can be great inspiration for generating ideas for social media (facebook, twitter, Instagram, TikTok). So, if your looking for the Best Author And Writer Memes to make you laugh, to give you inspiration to keep your novel on track or just something to relate to your current inner world, then look no further.

Writer Meme:

An image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by internet users, often with slight variations.

PS: All these author memes are squares and perfect for Insta, FB and Twitter, feel free to right click and save them and then share them out on you own social. If you wish to tag me, I am @robbauthor on most social platforms.

1: New Book Idea Meme


I can relate to this, that sense of giddy excitement that comes with a completely formed story.

2: Great Book Idea Meme


This happens to me for weeks at a time, however, I sleep with my phone and either dictate a short note or make a note. I never let that idea get away.

3: One Story At A Time Meme


I do not know any respectable author who only writes one story at a time ahahah 

4: Too Critical Meme


We authors are too critical of our own work!

5: Too Critical Memes


We authors are often too critical of our own work!

6: When It All Gets A Bit Much Meme


I am often here! But I trust the inner working of my mind and more times than not, it all comes good in the end. Well after a lot of editing and memes.

7: Cutting The Dead Wood Meme


I find cutting the dead wood, or as professionals call it, the developmental editing phase, to be amongst the hardest part of writing. I have spent days looking at one sentence. This meme sums it up nicely.

8: I Am A Writer Meme


Research is such a big part of writing. ahhaha

8: I Am A Author Meme


Procrastination is such a big part of writing. ahhaha

9: Writers Block Meme


Procrastination is such a big part of writing. I haven’t made one of these but I did once get distracted and built an author website. ahhaha

10: Voices In My Head Meme


Strangely I do not have an inner dialogue, I only hear the voices when they hit the page! 

10: Plot And Story Author Meme


Ideas for days but do any of them link together ahhaha 

11: Story Idea Author Meme


I will find them all!

12: Genius At Work Author Meme


Another level to the procrastination game that us author have is an epic blame game hahah 

13: Procrastination Author Meme


The procrastination game is an authors best friend ahhah

14: Procrastination Meme


The procrastination game Authors take it to ‘The Next Level’.

15: First Draft Meme


As long it is after I have made my millions hahah

16: Writing Meme


It can be hard getting back in to the grove after a long time away, but you can do it 🙂

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