Best Chrome Extensions For Authors And Writers

As an author or writer, it’s essential to have the right tools at your disposal to enhance your writing process and improve your skills. One such tool that can greatly benefit authors is Google Chrome extensions. In this article, we will explore some of the best Chrome extensions available for authors and writers and how they can help you improve your productivity. I wrote this article as most similar articles, just state Grammarly, ProWrititngAid, and then some sort of time management tools, an ad blocker and well they are all geared towards content writers, folks making money by writing articles. I am, in this article more focused on KDP chrome extensions, and chrome extensions that can assist your author business on Amazon. Tools that will help you see how much money you’ve made, find the right keyword, alert you when you have a new sale, hide low scoring reviews and more. This is the best Best Chrome Extensions for Authors and Writers.

What are Chrome extensions for writers, authors and content creators?

Chrome extensions are small software programs that are designed to customize and enhance the functionality of the Google Chrome web browser. They can be installed from the Chrome Web Store and provide additional features and capabilities to enhance your browsing experience. 

Do Chrome Extensions work on other browsers?

The Chrome Web Store is a beneficial tool for discovering new Chrome extensions. However, it is important to remember that these extensions can be utilized on any browser that is based on Chromium, the open-source framework that supports the Chrome browser. These include Vivaldi, Edge, Brave, and Opera to name a few alternative compatible Chrome extension browsers.

Understanding the concept of Chrome extensions

Chrome extensions are essentially add-ons that can be integrated into your browser to extend its capabilities. They are developed using web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and can be easily installed and managed through the Chrome Web Store. Always check the reviews and ratings and when the app was last updated, a chrome extension is essentially an APP for your browser. Just as you wouldn’t download and install a dodgy app on your phone, don’t do it to your browser.

How can Chrome extensions improve your writing and your author business?

Chrome extensions can significantly improve your author business in various ways. Let’s explore some of the specific extensions that can help enhance your author business, writing skills and research. Using Chrome extensions for writers can have numerous benefits. Firstly, they can help streamline your writing process by providing assistance with grammar and spelling. Secondly, they can aid in organising your website, SEO, sales, uploads, research and references, making it easier to access and manage your books, sell more books, and manage your website and brand. Lastly, they can help capture and save web pages for future reference, allowing you to easily refer back to important information.

Which Google Chrome extensions are essential for authors and writers?

When it comes to essential Chrome extensions for authors and writers, there are a few that stand out from the rest. Let’s take a look at some of these must-have extensions. #NOTE – Same extensions may require a subscription but most will have a free tier. 

Book Report

What Book Report says 

“Book Report is the best way for indie authors and publishers to track their sales data.
Book Report automatically fetches your latest sales numbers and turns them into simple, insightful reports. We don’t ask for your password, and your sales data is always fully encrypted, so you can have peace of mind that your data is safe.”

What We Say: A great tool for keeping track of all your sales across all your author IDs on Amazon.

Productor for KDP

What Productor for KDP says

Copy & Paste, Excel Sheet (.xlsx) import and export, Trademark Check, Notifications and more!
Productor for KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) with Sales Overview, Trademark check, Sales Notifications and more..

What We Say: Sales notifications, sales overviews and more. What is not to love.

KDP Champ

What KDP Champ says

KDP Champ Cookies assistant is a tool that helps the KDP Champ users submit their cookies easily onto our platform  FREE if you make less than £100 per month.
KDP Champ is KDP’s first multi-purpose automatic email notifier.
You can track your:
    – Book Sales
    – KENP reads
    – Book reviews
    – AD spending
    – Net profits
and get notified when any changes are identified on your sales report!
If you are making many sales or book reads you can adjust the frequency of emails to suit your needs!

What We Say: A great tool to keep track of your amazon author business.

KDP Miner

KDP Miner says

Simplify and automate keyword analysis on Amazon. Spy on hundreds of kindle, paperback, and audiobook data with just a few clicks.

What We Say: A great tool to get amazon keywords and more for your author business. Great for free, take it to the next level with Publisher Rocket

Titans Quick View – Amazon Niche Finder

Titans Quick View – Amazon Niche Finder says:

Niche & Keyword Research Tool, Amazon Quick View BSR Data for Amazon KDP & MBA. This extension will help you with niche & keyword research for KDP & Amazon listings. 

What We Say: A great tool to help you get the data from Amazon. 

Amazon Book Research Helper

Amazon Book Research Helper says: 

Writing to market? This extension shows the most important information about a book right at the top of the page.
Adds at-a-glance information to the top of Amazon book listings to reduce scrolling. 

• Shows “Self Published” if the book was self published
• Shows rank, rating, reviews, age in weeks, and ratio (num. reviews divided by age in weeks)
• Shows page count and estimated word count
• Shows file size for Kindle books
• Shows rank using Chris Fox’s “tiers”
• Quick links to sales calculators for additional sales data and price and rank history
• Can expand to show author’s rank in all categories

I’m very open to feedback! Email me at with comments/suggestions.

This extension is open-source:

What We Say: Its good, well worth an install. Take it to the next level with Publisher Rocket


ReaderScout says:

Get notifications on price changes and new reviews for Amazon books
ReaderScout notifies you when Amazon books get new reviews or change in price.  In addition, ReaderScout displays the follower count of an author as well as the current ABSR of each book.  Every twenty four hours, ReaderScout checks for updates on Amazon – and adds an alert to your toolbar in Chrome if a change is found.

What We Say: A really useful tool for tracking your author business on amazon.


BookEdge says:

BookEdge the Missing Amazon Author Tool
Unlock the power of Amazon Author Central with in depth data analysis 

BookEdge automatically imports your data from Kindle Direct Publishing and Author Central.

It includes all these features that Amazon do not have:
– Compare Royalties between dates
– Group Royalties & Ranks by Series
– Export Filtered Royalty Data into CSV Format
– In-depth Book & Audiobook Rank Data
      – Days in top charts
      – Month breakdowns
– View your Best Ranks for multiple regions 
– View Peer Titles Rank History

What We Say: Another great tool to help you manage your author business.

KDP Category Finder: pickup the best categories for your book
Introducing “KDP Category Finder” Chrome Extension!

Finding the right categories for your books is crucial to ensure maximum visibility and reach to your target audience. That’s where the “KDP Category Finder” Chrome Extension comes to your rescue!
Are you a creative author or self-publisher seeking the ideal categories for your coloring books, notebooks, or journals on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform? Look no further than the “KDP Category Finder” Chrome Extension.

What We Say: Go find those categories. Great for free, take it to the next level with Publisher Rocket

Also Boughts Downloader by Kindletrends

Also Boughts Downloader by Kindletrends says:

Downloads Also Bought, Also Viewed and Also Read data, as well as Top 100s and Hot New Releases from the Amazon Kindle Store
This extension lets you download:

 – Lists of titles shown on a particular book details page in the Kindle Store.  These may be ‘Also Bought’, ‘Also Viewed’, ‘Books you may like’, ‘Products related to this item’ or other names.
 – Top 100 and Hot New Releases lists for an Amazon category page
 – Search results (US store only right now, but other stores will be added soon)

Self-published authors on the Amazon Kindle Store can use this information to identify books similar to their own titles for research purposes.  Currently, the extension works on the US, UK, DE and Canada Amazon stores, but I’ll look at adding support for others in future.

What We Say: Find your audience, and know what they are buying with this one.


Datasprout says: Free for authors earning less than $1000 p/m

Transform your Amazon KDP sales reports.
Datasprout transforms your Amazon KDP Sales Reports to give authors the data they need to improve book sales.

See how much you’ve earned. That includes KENP earnings, physical sales, and paid downloads!
Compare your results against the previous period so you can quickly see if you’re on the right track or if it’s time to switch gears.

What We Say: Author business management.

Text to Speech: Voice Reader TTS

Text to Speech: Voice Reader TTS says:

Add Free Text to Speech Voice TTS Reader in Google Chrome and read text out loud from news, articles, websites and other sources
Voice Reader helps to read aloud text from news, articles, social networks, Google Docs and other webpages, using text-to-speech (TTS) technology.

It’s a simple TTS Reader, which converts text to voice. Supports 50+ languages and 80+ voices. You can personalise settings for you. 

Also read aloud PDF, Google Docs, EPUB, Books in your Google Chrome browser. Highlight texts and click to icon to start to convert text to speech. You will have different options to listen to it. You can change voice, reading speed, pitch.

What We Say: Listening to your WIP is a great way to see it in a different light.

Read Aloud: A Text to Speech Voice Reader

Read Aloud: A Text to Speech Voice Reader says:

Read aloud the current web-page article with one click, using text to speech (TTS). Supports 40+ languages.
Read Aloud uses text-to-speech (TTS) technology to convert webpage text to audio.  It works on a variety of websites, including news sites, blogs, fan fiction, publications, textbooks, school and class websites, and online university course materials.

What We Say: Another good screen reader option.

Reader Mode

Reader Mode says:

A feature-packed distraction-free web reader with dyslexia support and research tools
Reader Mode is a feature-packed Chrome reading extension and web app that removes clutter, ads and distractions, while also includes dyslexia support, bookmarking, annotating, highlighting, text-to-speech and many other features all in one tool.

What We Say: Gets rid of all the distractions and allows you to focus on the task at hand. 

Google Dictionary (by Google)

Google Dictionary (by Google) says:

With this extension, you can:
1) Double-click any word to view its definition in a small pop-up bubble.
2) View the complete definition of any word or phrase using the toolbar dictionary.

What We Say: Every writer needs to understand the words they use! And expand their vocabulary.

Send to Kindle for Google Chrome

Send to Kindle for Google Chrome says:

Sending and reading web content such as news articles and blog posts to your Kindle device or reading app is now easier than ever.
[Official extension.]

Send to Kindle for Google Chrome makes web articles easier to read – we send just the content you want and not the distractions.

What We Say: Read everything on your kindle, always good to read parts of your WIP on your Kindle.

KDP Wizard Kindle Direct Publishing Manager

KDP Wizard Kindle Direct Publishing Manager says:

KDP Wizard is a Kindle Direct Publishing organizer & listing tool that integrates with Airtable to supercharge your KDP business.
KDP Wizard is a Chrome Extension designed specifically for creators & authors to backup, organise and manage the entire contents of their KDP bookshelf in their own private & secure Airtable database.

The bookshelf data is synchronised with a few button clicks and then you can easily access your data at anytime and reuse that data to easily list new books using your existing book data as a starting template. 

What We Say: Really handy for keeping track of all your books and their respective info.

KDP Sales Notifications

KDP Sales Notifications says:

Get notified whenever you make new sales.
We all love to hear that sound, yes, the sound of new sales!

Get notified whenever your make new sales on KDP in real-time.

This FREE extension is part of the Kindle Prime software, the most complete KDP automation tool you will ever find in the market.

You should try it out:

What We Say: Kaching, new sale!!

KDP ADS Profit calculator

KDP ADS Profit calculator says:

KDP ADS Profit calculator
Browser Extension for KDP Self-Publishers
Calculating your ads profitability has never been easier!

✔ Our browser extension allows you to calculate your KDP ads profit in seconds
✔ Access our Web Tool for quick and handy calculations to better optimise your ads
✔ Easily link royalties with advertising 
✔ Quickly connect Organic Sales and Advertising Sales
✔ Understand your Costs, Royalties and ROI
✔ Calculate Product Page Conversion Rate (CVR)
✔ Find out your Total Net Royalty per book

What We Say: Understand your amazon ads with this tool.


Qlearly says:

Organize your favourite websites by columns and boards. Every time you open a new tab, your board will load within a second.
Qlearly 4.0 – A modern bookmark and tabs manager. ✨

Organize your bookmarks, tasks and notes by boards and columns.

“I don’t want to have 100 tabs open anymore” – from a new Qlearly user.

Stop wasting time looking for tabs or bookmarks. 

➤ Save tabs in one click
➤ Quick and unified Search
➤ Powerful keyboard shortcuts
➤ Multi device bookmark syncing
➤ Collaborate with your teammates
➤ Create public or private boards and columns
➤ Create tasks, notes & more

What We Say: This extension allows me to manage all my websites, bookmarks etc in one place.

Google Keep Chrome Extension

Google Keep Chrome Extension  says:

Save to Google Keep with a single click!
Found a web page, image or quote that you want to save for later? With the Google Keep Chrome Extension, easily save the things that you care about to Keep and have them synced across all the platforms that you use – including web, Android, iOS and Wear. Take notes for additional detail and add labels to categorise your note quickly for later retrieval.

 • Save page links, text and images
 • Take notes on saved content
 • Add labels to your notes
 • Automatically saves to Google Keep

What We Say: For Google users Google keep is the go-to note app. Brilliant for brainstorming and making lists and notes.

Smallpdf – Edit, Compress and Convert PDF

Smallpdf – Edit, Compress and Convert PDF says: 

Easy-to-use PDF tools to Edit, Convert, Merge, Split and Compress PDF files.
Convert, compress, merge, split and edit your PDF files

★ Power-up your productivity by adding Smallpdf to Chrome! Gain instant access to a suite of useful tools to work with PDFs online.

What We Say: Always handy to have a PDF editor as an Author.

Goodreads Review Shield for Authors

Goodreads Review Shield for Authors says:

Goodreads for Authors to protect their mental health that hides ratings and low reviews.
This plugin was made for authors who would like to use Goodreads but not at the cost of their mental health. 

When enabled in the NEW Goodreads theme (as shown in screenshots 1-3) it automatically sorts your reviews to 5* and most recent.

What We Say: I don’t have many reviews on Goodreads to need this, but when I do I will be installing it. hahaha

Here are the usual Chrome extensions offered up to writers

1 Grammarly: Enhancing your grammar and spelling

Grammarly is a popular writing tool that can help you improve your grammar and spelling. It works by checking your writing in real-time for any errors or mistakes and provides suggestions for corrections. With Grammarly, you can significantly enhance the quality and readability of your writing.

However, please be advised that they will be training their data sets on your writing. And as of yet, Grammarly etc do not have opt-out buttons.

2 Onetab: Organizing your research and references

Onetab is a useful extension for writers who need to conduct extensive research. It allows you to consolidate all your open tabs into a single tab, making it easier to organize and access your sources. With Onetab, you can avoid clutter and improve your productivity by having a clean and organized workspace.

3 Evernote Web Clipper: Capturing and saving web pages

Evernote Web Clipper is a valuable tool for writers who frequently need to capture and save web pages. With this extension, you can easily clip and save relevant information from the web, ensuring that you have a comprehensive collection of resources for your writing projects. It’s a convenient way to gather inspiration and reference material without the need for excessive bookmarking or manual note-taking.

4 Google Docs: Collaborative writing made easier

Google Docs is not just a word processor; it’s also a powerful collaborative writing tool. With Google Docs, you can easily share and collaborate on documents with others in real-time. It allows multiple people to work on the same document simultaneously, making it ideal for team projects and editing sessions.

AI writing tools for writers, authors and content creators

In recent years, AI-powered writing tools have gained popularity among technical content creators. These tools, such as Grammarly, ProWritingAid or Atomic Reach, utilize artificial intelligence to analyze your writing and provide suggestions for improvements. They can help you refine your content and ensure it meets industry standards. However, please be advised that they will be training their data sets on your writing. And as of yet, Grammarly etc do not have opt-out buttons.

Conclusion Best Chrome Extensions for Authors and Writers

Install one or two at a time, don’t over-clog your chrome extension toolbar. Chrome extensions are all about trial and error and what works with your workflow, your business and your time. Personally, I use Qlearly every day, I have a stack on websites related to my author business I click that and it opens up, instantly I can see Amazon KDP ads, Book sales, Author Central, Social media channels etc. Google Keep is my note-taker of choice and then book Report to see all my sales nicely visualised and easy to access and Productor. Check them out and enjoy.