Castmagic AI An author’s Secret Weapon

I initially purchased Castmagic AI for its intended purpose which is transcribing podcast audio and other similar jobs. Why spend hours typing a transcript when a tool like Castmagic AI can do it in minutes? However, the podcast I had in mind never got off the ground and Castmagic sat on the back burner for a while after purchase.

The Secret Power For Authors Revealed

I use Google Keep to make notes on my phone day and night, however, I drive daily and when I am driving I obviously cannot type out my ideas. When driving I started making audio notes. Press record, talk through the character, the story ideas, what needs to happen, whatever is flowing etc, you know how it goes. Later I would listen to it back and type out my audio into notes and add them to Atticus.

However, one night I remembered I had access to Castmagic AI, so I being lazy, uploaded a six-minute audio to Castmagic. Castmagic, at that time, was exclusively marketed towards podcasters, for transcribing podcasts. It now has multiple presets and use cases for audio content creators and can transcribe audio for meetings, coaching, sales calls etc. But one preset they do not have and they should have is “Author Notes”. Until then I will just continue to use the podcast preset.

And what it produced was magic!

Beyond The Effortless Audio Transcription

My audio was transcribed quickly with timestamps etc but in addition to that, it has an additional AI Content tab for post-processing the transcribed material. Castmagic then generates content that you can customise according to your personal needs based on the transcript using artificial intelligence.

Create AI Content From Your Audio Notes That Resonates

When I first used Castmagic on the first episode of my now-defunct podcast, I was impressed by the various ways it saved the podcaster time. From the audio uploaded, it creates a transcript, potential heading, a summary of the podcast, takeaways from the podcast, social media posts, Twitter threads, a newsletter, questions that the podcast brings up, quotes, hooks and more.

And yes it did the same for my audio notes. Urica.

The notes are transcribed and easy to copy and paste into my preferred writing software.

A summary of my notes, ideas that I had presented, takeaways and quotes. Where this gets cool, is some of the ideas the AI generates in relation to my audio notes are truly insightful.

Why is the King feared by his people? Oh, I better address that, in fact, that is a full chapter! Etc.

Using AI Tools To Streamline And Assist Creativity

I understand that for a lot of authors using AI to assist in any form of content creation is a no-no. AI tools, bad. However, we use AI every day and now even Apple has baked Open AIs ChatGPT right into its Operating System, Microsoft already has and Google Chromes Chromebooks (my writing platform of choice) come with Google’s Gemini built-in.

Today options are increasingly moving towards using a typewriter or in some way having AI knowingly or unknowingly access your creative content. But in terms of using AI as an analytical tool to assist you in making the best out of your ideas, then I am all up for that. 

CastMagic AI Author Examples

Enough talk, let’s see what this can do. Here is a short Audio note I recorded, which is basically the classic story of the classic Conan The Barbarian film with Arnie. Scroll down to see just some of the magic that Castmagic generated from this short audio snippet. From this, you can see how cast magic can help you generate ideas, expand upon audio notes and fleeting ideas and how it can quickly become an integral part of your writing tool kit.

For this example, I used the standard prompt, and at the end I created a custom prompt.  You can create custom prompts to utilise this software further.

Original Audio

Recorded in a car, with my broad Scottish accent.

Edited Transcription

“I was thinking about a simple story where the warrior is attacked, his village is attacked and the people that attack the village kill his mother and father. He gets taken into slavery. Over 30-plus years pass, he is built into a warrior. He discovers that they, the people who killed his village and his mother and father put him into slavery, he discovers who they are. He seeks revenge and he goes and kills them. Barbarian kind of story with magic.”


1. Revenge of the Enslaved Warrior: A Barbarian’s Journey of Magic and Vengeance
2. Sorcery and Slaughter: The Barbarian’s Quest for Justice and Retribution
3. The Warrior’s Oath: A Tale of Magic, Revenge, and Barbarian Bravery
4. Enslaved Fury: A Barbarian’s Wrath Unleashed through Magic and Vengeance
5. The Sorcerer’s Slaying: A Barbarian’s Fight for Justice Fueled by Magic
6. Vengeance Unleashed: A Barbarian’s Revenge Fueled by Magic and Ruthless Determination
7. Blood Magic and Barbarian Steel: A Tale of Vengeance and Redemption
8. The Enslaved Avenger: A Barbarian’s Quest for Justice Spun with Magic
9. Arcane Retribution: A Barbarian’s Path of Magic and Revenge
10. Witchcraft and Warcry: The Saga of a Barbarian’s Vengeance with Magic


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In this episode, we delve into a gripping tale of vengeance and redemption. Our protagonist, a warrior, faces the devastating loss of his village, his parents, and his freedom. Over the course of 30 years, he transforms into a formidable warrior, driven by the desire to seek revenge on those who wronged him. Join us as we explore the raw power of barbarian strength intertwined with the mysterious forces of magic in this captivating saga.


  1. How does the traumatic experience of losing his parents and being enslaved shape the warrior’s character and motivations throughout the story?
  2.  In what ways does the concept of revenge drive the protagonist’s actions, and how does it reflect on the deeper themes of the story
  3. What role does magic play in this barbarian story, and how does it influence the warrior’s journey for revenge?
  4. Can we draw parallels between the warrior’s quest for vengeance and real-life experiences of trauma and resilience?
  5. How does the passage of time and the warrior’s growth over 30-plus years contribute to the development of the character and the overall narrative?
  6. What other forms of support or guidance does the warrior receive as he works towards his goal of seeking revenge?
  7. How does the warrior’s transformation from a victim to a powerful fighter reflect the themes of empowerment and overcoming adversity?
  8. How do the relationships and interactions between the warrior and the people he encounters shape his understanding of justice and morality in the story?
  9. What are the ethical implications of the warrior’s quest for revenge, and how do they impact the overall message of the narrative?
  10. In what ways does the barbarian story with magic challenge traditional storytelling conventions, and how does it add depth and intrigue to the narrative?

Key Topis And bullets

Primary Topic: Introduction of main character and the attack on his village
– Warrior’s village is attacked
– His mother and father are killed
– He is taken into slavery
Primary Topic: Transformation and training over 30-plus years
– Warrior is built into a skilled fighter
– Endures hardships and training in slavery
– Transformation from victim to warrior
Primary Topic: Discovery and realization
– Warrior discovers the true identity of the attackers
– Realizes the connection between his enslavement and his village’s attackers
Primary Topic: Seeking Revenge
– Warrior seeks vengeance for his family and village
– Plans his revenge against the attackers
Primary Topic: Conclusion and resolution
– Warrior faces and kills the attackers
– Resolution of the story’s conflict
– Themes of justice, revenge, and personal transformation
Primary Topic: Barbarian story with magic
– Incorporation of magical elements in the story
– Exploration of the warrior’s journey along with magical aspects

Custom Author Prompt

It sounds like you have an exciting starting point for your novel! Let’s explore the story and delve into some key aspects to enhance it further.

Character Motivations: It’s important to delve deep into the protagonist’s emotions and motivations. How does the loss of his parents and village affect him on a personal and emotional level? What drives him to survive in slavery, and then seek revenge? How does his transformation into a warrior shape his personality and worldview?

Backstory Consistency: Creating a consistent and believable backstory is crucial. Consider carefully developing the historical, societal, and cultural context of the protagonist’s village and the invaders. How do these events shape the protagonist’s current world and beliefs?

Excitement/Pace: Consider the pacing of the story. How can you build tension and suspense as the protagonist uncovers the truth about the attackers? What obstacles and challenges does he face on his journey for revenge? How can you maintain an engaging pace throughout the narrative?

POV: Choosing a point of view that best suits the story is vital. Are you considering a first-person perspective to intimately delve into the protagonist’s thoughts and emotions, or perhaps a third-person perspective for a broader view of events?
Senses: Weave in sensory details to fully immerse the reader in the world of your story. How does the village look, sound, and smell before and during the attack? What does the protagonist experience during his time in slavery, and how does it shape his perception of the world?

Location and Weather: Consider the setting of the story and how it influences the characters and events. How does the environment contribute to the overall atmosphere of the story? Whether it’s a harsh, unforgiving landscape or a vibrant, bustling city, the setting can greatly impact the narrative.

Culture and Language: Delve into the cultures and languages of both the protagonist’s village and the invaders. What traditions and customs are significant to each group? Is there a language barrier, and how does it affect communication and understanding between characters?

By fleshing out these elements, you can create a rich and immersive experience for your readers, allowing them to fully engage with the story on multiple levels. Good luck with your novel!

Conclusion – A Review Of Castmagic Ai For Authors

Hopefully, I have explained my use case for this excellent tool and shown how I use it and why. I think it is fantastic and I will continue to use it as my (not so) secret weapon for working out my ideas.

Enjoy your writing.

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