Fantasy Novel AI Movie Trailer : How To Make Your Own Book Trailers With AI

AI is coming like a tsunami, we can either embrace it or be swept away when it hits the shore. Recently (August 2023) I seen a short movie trailer completely generated by AI, using Midjourney AI images and I was blown away. My second thought was I can do that, I can use that to create a fantasy novel book trailer. So I set out to make my own Fantasy Novel ai movie trailer and decided to pass on what I learnt hear in this- “How to make your own book trailers with ai” article. NOTE: This Is not my first rodeo, I have been making videos for over 16 years, I am an award winning adventure filmmaker and have published two books that cover most aspects of filmmaking, links below. It is with this experience I will walk you through the process.

AI Movie Trailer Inspiration

Genesis – Official Trailer (Midjourney + Runway)

We gave them everything.
Trusted them with our world.
To become enslaved – become hunted.

We have no choice.
Humanity must rise again to reclaim.

Images: Midjourney
Videos: Runway
Music: Pixabay / Stringer_Bell: Dark Mystery Trailer
Edited in: CapCut

“The Silence In The Song” Fantasy Novel AI Video Trailer

First with narration, second with titles no narration. 

Play Video about The-silence-in-the-song Video ThumbNail

Images: Artsmart AI –
Videos: Runway
Music: Epidemic Sound – Gerard Franklin – Track – “Somewhere Above” 
Edited in: Davinci Resolve

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How to make your own book trailers with ai

As of August 2023 we are still ahead of the curve in experimenting with consumer accessible AI video software, soon this will be as accessible and ubiquitous as ChatGPT but as of now (August 2023) this is still fresh, new and exciting. So let’s get into it. OK, what do you need to make a cool AI video?  Read on. 

What do you need to make a book trailer with artificial intelligence? 

To create ai video to showcase your book you will need! 

A book

A book, book cover, book blurb, book cover art, book links and purchase links. I assume that you have this, however if your not here to make a book trailer and just looking to make a short AI video trailer then book can be replaced with “An Idea”.


A storyboard

A storyboard or script to direct the action, this gives you some structure to your story. Check out my guide to story structures. You can either write this out or draw it or just store it in your head. Creating a loose framework to work with is good for inspiring ideas. You could also use an AI, like chat GPT to create a short book trailer script from your book blurb and use this as a framework to build your visual story. Here, I recommend using your Book Blurb or Book Synopsis as the basis for your script as this should already have a solid opening, middle and call to action. 

AI image generation software – An image generator

There are now hundreds of AI image generation software suits to choose from, each will allow you to create stunning moving art. The main AI image models ones are Midjourney and Stable Diffusion. I used to use Midjourney but now use ArtSmart which is built on Stable Diffusion and now includes a few different AI models. Artsmart is private, and has lots of great features. Read my AI art generator reviews to find out more. Top tip, keep your image aspect ratio consistent, be it 16:9 or square. Some examples of the AI images I generated in Artsmart for the trailer below.

AI prompts for image generation

You have your book blurb, you script, your story board, your AI art software but you’re struggling to get the AI images to look like how you envisioned. This is where AI prompts for image generation and a tool like Prompt Hero comes in handy. It allows you to select the model your using Midjourney or Stable Diffusion for example then search for images generated using them. Search for fantasy warriors or fairy princess, vampires, nomadic King etc and it will show you images and reveal the prompts that were used to generate them. You can copy and tweaks these prompts and use them to generate the kind of visuals you had imagined. Another technique is to google for images that inspire and use the AI (Artsmart feature) to analyse the image and create a prompt that would produce said image. You can then tweak this prompt and generate images and scenes of a similar nature using AI.

You will eat through credits as you refine your images to get what you were looking for. Luckily most Artsmart plans give your hundreds of credits.

AI Image To Video Generator

Next we will take the AI images and order them accordingly, referring to your book trailer script or visual storyboard. Then you will need to head on over to RUNWAY AI image to video generator. Sign up for a free account where you can generate 100 or so seconds (in 4-second blocks) for FREE before you need to sign up for a subscription. I generated my first trailer completely free but then went on to get a subscription to play with it further. 

Once in you just need to click on “Gen 2 Image to Video”, upload your first image, keep everything blank (no text prompt) and then hit enter. It will generate 4 seconds of film gold, ok, sometimes it generates a complete flop, but most times it’s film gold. Then download these and get ready to edit. To short edit clips below.

Narrator or AI narrator

Every book trailer needs narration. This can be voiced by you or by a paid actor or you cause AI to voice your script. There are many options available now, I recommend Upload your script, select your voice and boom.


Be it a song, cinematic sounds etc most trailers will rise to a crescendo and then finish. There are plenty of places you can get free audio tracks to edit with like Facebook, YouTube, TikTok. However, choose your platform wisely as copyright is usually exclusive to the platform, I personally use Canva Pro to get my Audio now as it seems to work well on all social channels. The track from the trailer above was from Canva.

Video Editor

Gather all you assets together, audio, video, stills of book etc and get ready to edit.

Editing should be invisible, if you can see the cuts (the transition between two video clips) then the edit is bad. Key tips, edit to the music, edit to the beat, cut on the beat. Use simple straight cuts with minimal transitions. Alternatively, you could use an auto video editor. Follow the visuals created in your story board, those dictated by your book blurb. Once finished, take a break and come back to it with fresh eyes. Key tip, audio is more important than visuals, make sure the audio (mix between song and narration) is good. 

Free Video editing platforms include Capcut, Canva, Davinci Resolve.

Distribution platforms (Social media)

Use them all, and make sure who ever watches your trailer can then get to your book in once click!

Why should you make an AI video trailer for you book?

In one word, Marketing, create a book trailer and get it up on YouTube (and every other social media platform you use and don’t forget to embed it in your website). As the old saying goes, obscurity is an author’s worst enemy! These are perfect for book launch and to help make your book stand out from the crowd.

Conclusion AI video trailer for authors

Ai is opening up so many new creative opportunities for authors. Follow the guide above, practice, try a few different options and get creating your first book trailer video. Enjoy the process and be sure to tag me on social @robbauthor #robbauthor and I will share.

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