Grammarly Review For Authors

Writing effectively is an essential quality for everyone. Professional writers, however, need to take this skill to a higher level. With deadlines to meet and a constant need to write articles and papers, they require tools to help them perfect their writing. One such tool is Grammarly. In this article, we will review Grammarly for authors, writers and novelists and explore its features, benefits, and limitations.

Grammarly AI Opt Out UPDATE

NOTE: Grammarly trains its AI on your data and on your writing. If you’re an author stop using it!

It seems that there is a real concern from the Author community over the privacy of Grammarly and their use of authors’ unpublished works to train their AI. So much so that Grammarly is sending out an army of agents to rely on comments on Reddit, etc to counter the narrative that Grammarly is training their AI on your copyrighted material. As you can see below the information from Grammarly is not coherent and consistent, with both Grammarly agents saying you can opt-out, however, minimising the information about how they collect, anonymise and log your work to train the AI. Until there is a clear – OPT-OUT button I do not recommend using Grammarly.

Grammarly Agent replying to comments on Reddit.

“Hello! I work at Grammarly and want to jump in here to provide more info. We understand this is a sensitive and somewhat complex topic, and we created our TOS to be as simple and clear as possible.

Put simply, Grammarly processes your text so we can provide our service. Information inputted in GrammarlyGO, such as prompt type, the prompt text will be shared with our partners for the sole purpose of generating text. Rest assured; we don’t allow partners or third parties to use your data to train their models or improve their products. And we certainly do not sell user data.

If you have a Grammarly account and save a document in the Grammarly Editor, we’ll store the document on our servers until you choose to delete it—so you can access it when you need it while logged in to your Grammarly account. For all other text processed by Grammarly (i.e., anything not saved in the Grammarly Editor): After Grammarly processes your text, the text is disassociated from your account and deleted. De-identified, random samples of text—disassociated from user accounts—may be retained to help us improve the algorithms underlying our software and services. You can also view all data associated with your account at any time: (This part is them logging your work to train the AI)

Regarding opting out: If you have a Premium subscription, to turn off GrammarlyGO, go to the Features tab on the Customize page in your account settings and switch GrammarlyGO off. Otherwise, you can use GrammarlyGO only when needed, meaning that it won’t be turned on automatically each time you type. Users can also always deactivate Grammarly at any time if they decide they don’t want it to provide suggestions.

And finally, we don’t own what you write. You own your User Content; Grammarly doesn’t own it. As you quite rightly pointed out, there is a lot of information about this under “Your Ownership of Your Data and the Limited Permissions You Give Us”:

Apologies for the long message, but I felt it was important to highlight this after some misleading information has recently been shared online. If you are curious to learn more about Grammarly’s privacy and security practices, I encourage you to check out the User Trust Guidelines at

Grammarly Agent replying to comments on Ycombinator

I’m on the security team at Grammarly, and our CISO addressed this here on Mastodon: Copying his response below for viz:

When it comes to our genAI features, we use Microsoft Azure as our LLM provider and don’t allow Azure, or any third party, to use our customers’ data to train their models—this is contractually mandated. For text analyzed by Grammarly to provide revision suggestions (like adjusting tone or making text more concise), we may retain randomly sampled, anonymized, and de-identified data to improve the product. This data is disassociated from user accounts and ONLY used in aggregate.

We’ve devoted a ton of time and resources to developing methods that ensure the training data is anonymized and de-identified. And any Grammarly user (Free, Premium, Business) can view the data associated with their account by requesting a personal data report from us.

Re: opt-out: When we go through a security review with a business, if requested, that business can completely opt out of Grammarly training on their de-identified and anonymized data—opt-out is not limited to a 500+ license size.

We don’t skimp on security or responsible data practices at Grammarly. We have strict enterprise-grade controls to protect customer data—restricted access, encryption, audit logging, and more. These are backed by industry-standard certifications like SOC 2 (Type 2), HIPAA, and ISO and verified and audited by industry-leading third parties.

More on what we do is at

Reply From User

I’m an individual user. Well, I was. Because you don’t give people like me a path to protect my personal information, not only did I successfully chargeback my yearly subscription, but I made sure to talk to people I evangelized Grammarly and ensure they stop using the app as well.

I really don’t understand why as an individual my privacy is unimportant.

OK back to the Grammarly Review – What is Grammarly?

How does Grammarly work?

Grammarly is a writing tool that uses natural language processing and artificial intelligence to help writers improve their writing. It not only checks for grammatical errors but also offers suggestions and corrections for spelling, punctuation, syntax, and structure. Grammarly checks your writing against over 400 grammar rules, ensuring that your written piece is error-free and easy to read.

What are the features of Grammarly?

Grammarly offers an array of features that can help improve your writing. From a simple typo to a complex sentence structure, Grammarly can identify and correct any errors. The tool has a user-friendly interface and is available as a lightweight browser extension, desktop app, and mobile app which integrates in your mobile keyboard.

What is the difference between free and paid version of Grammarly?

Grammarly comes in both free and premium versions. The basic Grammarly version is free and provides basic grammar and spell-checking features with limited grammar suggestions. The premium version offers advanced grammar and punctuation checks, vocabulary enhancement suggestions, and genre-specific writing style checks. Most people will get by with the grammarly features offered in the free version, however, authors and writers looking for the best grammar software should look at the paid version.

Is Grammarly worth it for professional writers?

Can Grammarly be trusted for professional writing?

Yes, Grammarly can be trusted for professional writing. It is one of the most popular writing tools used by professional writers. It is trusted by millions of users worldwide and has received positive reviews from users and experts alike.

UPDATE: NO, due to the no or unclear opt out to their AI data training, we would not recommend using Grammarly on your unpublished works.

What benefits does Grammarly offer for professional writers?

Grammarly can save a lot of time for professional writers. The tool identifies common errors in sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation, highlighting them for the user to correct. This ensures that the final piece of writing is free from errors and reads effortlessly. It enables writers to focus on delivering high-quality writing without worrying about minor errors.

How does Grammarly improve the writing of professional writers?

Grammarly can help professional writers improve their writing by identifying complex sentence structures and suggesting ways to simplify them, making the text more readable. The tool highlights repetitive words, points out overused phrases, and provides more appropriate alternative words. Grammarly ensures that all the necessary information is included in the piece and that the message is conveyed clearly.

Now with Grammarly GO, Grammarly’s AI assistant, it can reword sentences, expand ideas and more all with the power of ChatGPT

How to use Grammarly?

How to download Grammarly browser extension?

Downloading the Grammarly browser extension is easy. You just need to visit the Grammarly website, sign up and download the extension. It will automatically integrate into your browser and begin working its magic as you write.

How to use Grammarly on Google Docs?

You can use Grammarly on Google Docs by downloading the Grammarly Chrome extension and then opening your Google Docs account. Once you start typing, Grammarly will start working and making suggestions and corrections in real-time.

How to use Grammarly keyboard on mobile devices?

The Grammarly keyboard is available for both iOS and Android devices. To use the keyboard, you need to download the Grammarly app and enable the keyboard settings on your device. Once enabled, the keyboard will work in any app, providing suggestions, and corrections as you write.

Grammarly Free vs Premium version

What features are available only in the premium version of Grammarly?

The premium version of Grammarly offers advanced grammar and punctuation checks, vocabulary enhancement suggestions, and genre-specific writing style checks. It also checks for plagiarism, provides a detailed explanation of grammar rules and offers an expert proofreading service. The premium version also gives more AI credits, on the FREE version this is limited.

Should I use the free version or upgrade to the premium version of Grammarly?

The answer depends on your writing needs. If you write occasionally and do not require advanced grammar and punctuation checks, then the free version might be sufficient. However, if you are a professional writer, the premium version is highly recommended.

How much does the premium version of Grammarly cost and is it worth it?

The premium version of Grammarly costs $29.95 per month, $59.95 per quarter, and $139.95 per year. It is worth it if you write frequently and want to produce high-quality, error-free writing.

How can Grammarly help improve your writing?

How can Grammarly help with sentence structure and word choice?

Grammarly helps improve your writing by providing suggestions and corrections for sentence structure and word choice. It highlights complex sentences and suggests ways to simplify them, making the text more readable. It also identifies overused words and provides more appropriate alternative words.

How does Grammarly help to improve your writing style?

Grammarly helps you improve your writing style by providing genre-specific suggestions. It can help identify your writing strengths and weaknesses and teach you new writing techniques. It also provides detailed explanations of grammar rules and helps you avoid common writing mistakes.

Can Grammarly help with social media posts and copy and paste content?

Yes, Grammarly can help with social media posts and copy and paste content. Its browser extension can work with any web-based text editor, including social media platforms. Also, you can copy and paste content into the Grammarly app or desktop app to get suggestions and corrections.

Grammarly for Businesses

What is Grammarly Business and what are its features?

Grammarly Business is an enterprise-level solution that offers advanced features to improve the productivity and efficiency of teams. It includes team management tools, centralized billing and usage tracking, and domain-specific writing suggestions. Not really relevant to self publishing solopreneurs like us.

How can Grammarly Business improve the productivity of your team?

Grammarly Business helps improve the productivity of your team by providing real-time writing suggestions, guiding the team to consistent, high-quality written communication. It also reduces the time spent on editing and proofreading, enabling improved collaboration and faster response time.

What are the benefits of using Grammarly Business over the free or premium version of Grammarly?

Grammarly Business offers additional features such as team management tools, administration of multiple users and accounts, and centralized billing and usage tracking that are not available in the free or premium version of Grammarly.

Conclusion: Should You Try Grammarly?

What do professional writers love about Grammarly?

Professional writers love the ease and efficiency Grammarly offers in improving their writing. It provides suggestions and corrections in real-time, freeing up time for the writer to focus on ideas and creativity. It helps writers learn and improve their grammar and writing skills while providing support and structure.

How to try Grammarly for free and is it worth it?

You can try grammarly for free by signing up for its free version. It’s still worth it as the free version provides basic grammar and spell-checking features and can help you identify common writing errors. Also gives you limited access to its AI writing assistant. 

Should you recommend Grammarly to other writers?

Yes, if you are satisfied with the tool, you should recommend it to other writers. It helps writers produce high-quality, error-free writing, which can be very beneficial for writers in any field.

Update: Grammarly Review 2023

What are the new features of Grammarly in 2023?

In 2023, Grammarly has added many new features to enhance its performance. It now includes a grammarly icon that appears next to the text fields on web pages, making it easier to use. It has also improved its browser and desktop app, providing better suggestions and explanations for grammar rules.

Has the quality of Grammarly improved over time?

The quality of Grammarly has improved significantly over time. It now offers advanced grammar and punctuation checks, enhanced vocabulary suggestions and genre-specific writing style checks, making it one of the best writing tools available.

Should you continue using Grammarly in 2023?

As noted above if you are an author, we do not recommend using Grammarly until they make a clear opt out to their AI data collection, keylogging scheme.

Yes, if you are satisfied with Grammarly, you