Is Pro Writing Aid The Best?

Pro writing aid is it the best Grammar and spell-checker tool for authors.

I use Pro Writing Aid daily, and I can say after almost six months of use that it is a tremendous piece of software. So what makes it so good and why pay for it when Grammarly is FREE? That is the very question I was asking myself six months ago.

Brief background.

As a youngster, I was really good at maths, physics, tech etc. I was terrible at English, my grammar and spelling sucked hard. This is possibly why I pursued it, maths was easy I needed a challenge. The written language was hard, it was a challenge, it was something to conquer.

My report cards always stated Robbs imagination is to be admired but he really has to work harder to convey his ideas efficiently and effectively in the written form.

Over the years I have worked hard to master (maybe that is to strong a word), to improve my written language skills. When it comes to emails etc I have used Grammarly for years and find it to be an invaluable tool. It is efficient and catches most of my errors. However, when it comes to my books, like Smartphone Media Production and my latest WIP (work in progress) which is an epic fantasy with over 150K words then I needed a piece of software with more.  I was looking for something that could correct grammar and spelling but also an editing software that had a set of tools that could assist me with the whole project. One that gave me an overview of the writing process and structure of the project. This is where Pro Writing Aid comes in.

Pro Writing Aid Work Flow.

I use the extremely versatile Scrivener programme for all my writing tasks, from epic fantasy to detailed Non-fiction business books. It is the very best writing tool I have come across for organising large volumes of information, efficiently. The other place I do a lot of writing is in Google Docs via the chrome browser.

And this is where Pro Writing Aid first grabbed my attention. Integration. Pro Writing Aid fully integrates with Scrivener on your desktop, which means I can open up my Scrivener documents in Pro Writing Aid, edit them and then save them and the original Scrivener file will be updated and saved. Pro Writing Aid also integrates completely with Google Docs via a browser extension and allows you to access all of the tools and reports from within Google drive and google docs. If that isn’t magical I do not know whats is.

Pro Writing Aid Reports

It integrates, with Scrivener and Google Docs but what can it do. Is integration really enough for a purchase? For me no. It needed more and it delivered. The key things that took it beyond the competition are the many reports that pro writing aid delivers. 

I use the spelling and grammar tools continuously as I write,  and then when I complete a chapter, article or blog post I run the final thing through various reports.

The key reports that I run on almost every chapter written are the summary report, pacing, glue words, sentence length, passive voice, sentence structure and readability these for me are invaluable. And each adds invaluable insight into my writing style. 

My favourite report is the pacing report which gives me an indication of the pace and speed of the chapter, is there too much world-building and not enough action. Is the beginning of the chapter too slow or does it start fast and move towards a bore-fest. As someone invested in writing fast-paced action-adventure this is crucial information. I need a balance of world-building and action and this tool gives me insight into how my chapter reads.

Final Words on Pro Writing Aid

I suppose this is a Pro Writing Aid review, however, it is biased as it is the software I use, software that I have purchased and software that I have an affiliate link to (which just means I get a few quid if you buy it through the links on this page. This does not and has not influenced my article, what you have read is my genuine and honest options.) So if you want to improve your writing skill, and become a better writer whilst potentially learning aspects of the English language (Pro Writing Aid can be used as a writing mentor of sorts. I know that the various tools have given me great insight into the construct of the language that had previously confused me) then Pro Writing Aid could be a great tool for you to use.

Will it replace a human editor, probably not. Will it help you polish your work to the level where you can publish books, possibly. However, I can guarantee it will assist you in wrestling your words into a coherent flow ready to be presented to an editor or beta reader.

Pro Writing Aid has a Free Version and a Premium version so you can check it out and if it works for you excellent, if not no problem. I trialled it and here I am an avid fanboy shouting loud to the world about the excellent features that I could not write without. And this is why I think Pro Writing Aid is the very best grammar and spell checker tool for authors.

Stay Awesome 


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