Marky ai Review An AI Powered Social Media Marketing Tool

Fellow indie authors! I am back with another social media marketing automation tool review. Like you, I want to write more and do ‘social media’ less, yet even though I want to do less social, I want the social media posting that I do to be worthy of my social. You know what I mean, like you I have spent years cultivating and growing my accounts, so I went looking for something to help me manage my time and my socials for

You see, I hit a slump in my posting. Why? I started to focus on what I love to do, i.e my writing, and everything that originally inspired me to write, everything that goes into being a creative author and I just decided to let my social for fall by the wayside.

This was by design, I read a fantastic quote from Neil Gaiman’s Keynote address to university graduates.

“And after that, the biggest problem of success is that the world conspires to stop you doing the thing that you do, because you are successful. There was a day when I looked up and realised that I had become someone who professionally replied to email, and who wrote as a hobby.  I started answering fewer emails, and was relieved to find I was writing much more.”

Unfortunately, I do not have Neil Gaiman’s success, maybe one day! When I stop posting on social, there is no team, network, or publisher that picks up the slack and keeps the machine going. So, I said to myself, is there a way to turn the amazing content I already have on (Free Author Resources, Fantasy Author Interviews, Software Reviews, Books and more) and automatically repurpose it for social? And the answer is yes.

So, if you are tired of juggling between writing your next masterpiece and managing your social media presence? it is time to buckle up because I’ve got some exciting news for you – I found a solution, and it is called, your new best friend in the world of social media wizardry! Read on for my Marky review.

Boost Your Indie Author Game with Marky AI: A Game-Changer for Social Media Savvy Writers!

I have used and do use many social media schedulers, AI tools etc to inspire my creative and business processes. So the question for me was. What do I want in a social media manager with AI superpowers?

1: The ability to take my content, my blogs, my pages etc from my website which I have built over the years and use this resource as the backbone of its research. Using my content as the lexicon to make content that inspires folks to click on my blogs, books etc.

For Example, I have a fantastic collection of over 45 articles in my Free Self Publishing Resource For Indie Authors collection.  I would love AI software to be able to scan those pages, see what’s there, and chunk it up into social posts designed to grab the attention of folks looking to read the information contained in those articles.

2: Understand the context of these articles, and be able to automatically take this content and create content, including relevant images in various styles that are worthy of being clicked on.

3: Do most of this content creation heavily lifting automatically, whilst still allowing me to edit, refine and fine-tune the content after creation.

4: Finally, populate and schedule this content into a calendar, creating social posts for the various social media channels I use including Facebook, Twitter/X, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and YouTube.

Thus allowing me to maximise my time for writing. Essentially, I want it to automate social media marketing. I know, I want the world on a plate and I want it now. I went looking and well I think I found it. So with this short list of wants, I write this review. Let’s see how Marky.Ai delivers.

Does Marky Ai Deliver for Indie Authors?

Let me break it down for you in simple terms: Markys Ai-powered engine is like having a social media genie in a bottle, except this genie runs on AI instead of oil or whatever powers magic lamps? With Marky, I was able to kiss endless hours of crafting social media posts goodbye because it delivers, it does all the heavy lifting for me, leaving me with more time to do what I do best – write! And just now that is book two, the sequel to my epic fantasy “The Silence In The Song“!

I am going to break down each of the four aspects above and show you what Marky produces for me.

marky Ai

1: Using AI To Understand Your Brand And Your Content.

So, what exactly can Marky do for you? Oh, hold onto your plot twists because this is where it gets juicy! With just a few clicks, Marky can whip up a month’s worth of social media content faster than you can say “bestseller.” We’re talking about catchy captions, eye-catching graphics, and even carousel posts – all tailored to fit your brand’s vibe like a glove. Plus, you can customise everything from colours to fonts, ensuring that your social media feed screams “YOU.”

But, I am getting ahead of myself. First things first. Onboarding. As stated I want, automatic content creation powered by Ai but I want it to resonate with my audience, I want it to fit with my core values, and objectives and this was the first thing that really impressed me with

As part of the onboarding process you type in your author website, it scrapes all the relevant data and presents it to you for you to edit and refine.

Categories like Business Summary, Audince, Objectives, Pain Points, Tone, Core Values, Niche, Call To Action, Writing Samples, Caption Length, Emoji Level, Self-promotion level, and Language. Once you have filled in all of these details, the AI knows so much more about you, your product and your audience. AMAZING.

marky Ai

Next it creates topics: These can be typed in or you can use AI or you can enter a URL from one of your blogs or product pages and allow Marky to create multiple topics that will then inspire multiple posts. Examples above.

So, if you ever wished you could find an AI to create social media posts that sound like you and not like a redundant, generic robotic PR machine? Then, say hello to the personalized AI training! With Marky, through this process, you essentially teach the AI your brand voice, values, audience quirks, and even feed it your website URLs for inspiration. The result? Social media content that not only resonates with your readers but also feels like it comes straight from your own fingertips, well almost.

marky Ai

2: Automatic AI Powered Content Creation Based On My Brand And My Content.

Yes, like magic it almost instantly creates days of social media content that is brand aligned and relevant. Not just words but images and graphics as well. In fact Marky has numerous template styles for you to choose from and the roadmap promises more styles in the future. 

Examples of ai content that it created for my social media platforms, automagically!! 

marky Ai post
marky Ai post
marky Ai post
marky Ai post

3: Customisation And Content Editing.

After all, it is AI. Content editing is an essential part of the process, as good as a system as this is, it is inevitably going to miss the mark on occasion, it is a machine! Also, this content is going out on your platforms, representing your author brand and your author business, having final editing control is crucial and as Indie authors, we understand this better than most. It is our product, we will have the final word of how the world sees it and with, all the editing power you need is right there at your fingertips to remodel, rewrite and refine each post before you authorise it to the scheduler.

marky Ai
marky Ai

4: Automated Scheduling And Posting

Now, let’s talk about scheduling – every indie author’s best friend and worst nightmare rolled into one. But fear not, because Marky’s got your back here too! Simply approve the posts you wish to use, set your preferred posting times, and platforms and let Marky take care of the rest. Whether you’re a night owl or an early bird, Marky ensures that your content goes live when your audience is most engaged, even posting in real-time if that’s what you need.

Finally, if you’re thinking about scaling up your indie author empire, or you have multiple pen names Marky’s got a nifty brand dashboard just for you. Keep track of your different author accounts, monitor post statuses, and seamlessly manage multiple author accounts without breaking a sweat. It’s like having your own social media command centre, minus the cape and superhero theme music (although you can add those yourself if that is your jam)!

Conclusion To Marky Ai Review For Authors.

As a tool, it is the best autonomous AI marketing software I have came across so far. There is still room for improvement, in the form of video creation, but according to the roadmap, that is on its way (I will update this review as new features come on board). So the last question is, what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to social media headaches and hello to more time doing what you love – writing those page-turners that keep your readers up past their bedtime. With by your side, the only limit to your indie author success is your imagination, because it is going to give you back your time. Go ahead, unleash your creativity, and let Marky handle the rest. Your future bestseller awaits! Marky lets you automate social media, head on over to join the team and free up some time. roadmap