Publisher Rocket: As an indie author/self-publisher. Is it worth it?

I suppose this is the main question most folks want to be answered. Is Publisher Rocket worth $100? It is definitely the question I asked before I researched it. Spoiler alert: I purchased it. So let me explain why as a small-time publisher and author like me saw Publisher Rocket as a worthy investment. Full video review with examples at bottom of the page.

Book marketing on Amazon

Amazon is the largest bookseller in the world and that means there are a lot of books and a lot of competition. Therefore, we authors need as much competitive advantage as we can get. This is why I went Googling for an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tool for Amazon. SEO tools are commonly used for refining your website and web content, in fact, I am using an SEO tool to refine this article before I post it! 

Understanding that Amazon uses a sophisticated internal “Search Engine” to categorise, index and rank its listings is what lead me to look for an Amazon SEO tool. An Amazon SEO tool that understood this system and therefore could give me, a potential user of the software, an advantage over those not using it. 

After all, data is king and I wanted data, I wanted to understand how Amazons indexing worked. As well as have at my disposal a piece of software that allowed me to sift through that data with the kind of filters that make it easy to use and intuitive. Long story short, I found KDP Rocket or as it is now called “Publisher Rocket”. Get your copy here

Competitive Advantage

As stated, in any business venture you need to be looking for the competitive advantage. Type in any word into Amazon’s book search and it will return about 20 entries on that page with another 20 pages each with 20 entries. That is 400 titles. When I type in “Thriller,” Amazon says there are 200,000 matches! yet it is only showing us 400 over 20 pages! Every book published on Amazon is indexed but not every book has a BSR! A BSR or Best Seller Rank is given when a book starts making sales. So to get your book in the first 20 pages you need it to have sales. To get sales you need it to be found in the first place. This is where an optimised title, keywords and description come in. Remember Amazon is in the business of making money, it is 100% going to return results to a search that have proven sales ie a “BSR”, as there is more chance of a customer buying that book and therefore more chance of Amazon making a profit.

So what does it do?

Publisher Rocket does a number of things, but in simplest terms it allows you to search, research, refine and define your books, titles, covers, prices, keywords and competition all within one tool. The software has four main tools. Which are Keyword Research, Competition Analyzer, Category Search, AMS keyword Search.

Kindle Ebook or Paperback

First off, before I look at the tools. The software does have separate searches for booth Kindle and Paperback. Wich is exceptional for getting the correct data. As well as separate searches for UK, USA and Germany.

Keyword Research

When you publish your book on Amazon you get seven slots to type in keywords to describe your title to Amazon. Amazon will use these “Keywords” in conjunction with your title and blurb to index your book. 


Publisher Rockets Keyword Research feature allows you for any given keyword to see, the number of competitors, the average month earings, the google searches volumes per month, the estimated Amazon monthly searches and the competitive score for the keyword. This information allows you to understand whether or not using a particular word is viable. Picking a word where there are hundreds of thousands of searches, high monthly earnings and a competitive score of over 90 will prove to be near impossible to rank highly for. Unless you are a marketing machine with a great following, you will be outranked by those already established book titles vying for that word.


UPDATE 2021- Publisher Rocket now has a colour coded keyword feature. The simple Green, Yellow and Red system will instantly allow you to see if the keyword is any good or not!

UPDATE 2022 – Publisher Rocket now indexes Audible and their audiobooks. Now you can research all of your Amazon book formats in one place.


For more information on Kindle keyword research check out Dave’s article on it.

Competition Analyzer

This allows you to see the competition, and this is divided up into Ebook or Print and by geographical region. Currently, there are USA, UK and German Amazon markets supported. Here you can see the books cover design,  title, Type (Ebook or Book), Categories listed in, Authors name, Age of the book, BSR, No of pages, Price, Daily sales and monthly sales. This information is fantastic to see what is selling, how much they are making, the colour pallet of their front cover, their price etc. Invaluable information.


Category Search

Most indie authors on amazon do not realise that they can post their book into ten distinct categories per format per region. Ten kindle categories, ten Print categories for the UK and as the USAs categories are slightly different you can submit ten for Kindle and another ten for print. But why? and how?

Why? That is easy to understand the more categories the better. Especially if your title is a general marketing book, there are over ten Print categories in the UK for marketing, having them listed in ten of them gives your book more chance of being seen by people looking through that category for a new book.

But the main advantage of the category search tool apart from finding the relevant categories is seeing the sales per day numbers. These sales per day numbers are ace. Not every category is the same, in highly competitive categories you may need 50 sales a day to rank NO1, in another, you may only need 4! So by choosing a low competitive category that works for your book, you can effectively become an Amazon best selling author, as well as break the top ten in a category fairly easily. It makes it easier to become an Amazon  Bestseller. This can then be screengrabbed and used to promote your book further. For a more in-depth look at categories and how to get your book into ten, check out Daves article here.



AMS Ads, Amazon Ads, AMS keyword Search

This for me is the gold. This is the feature I use the most. As Craig Martell of 20 to 50K says. ” If JK Rolling is using adverts, then us small indie authors need to use adverts”. And it is true, if you’re launching a new book or you need your book to go from INDEXED on Amazon to RANKING on Amazon then you can use AMS to get some traction. Dave at offer a Free AMS Course, and it is fantastic, check it our >>>

One of the things Dave points out and it makes complete sense is, there are a lot of permutations and a lot of different search terms around your targeted keyword. The more permutations you have the higher the chance you have of Amazon showing your advert to a buyer. I use the AMS keyword search function in publisher rocket to find lots and lots of relevant keywords (single and long-tail) for my advertising campaigns. It saves me hours of work and it always opens up new avenues that I had not thought of. So check out his course and learn more about AMS. 

Downloading Data Spreadsheets.

All the data I have described is downloadable and this is a great feature that I really love about Publisher Rocket. I love the spreadsheet.

Kindle Research is king.

So as you may have gathered, I love this software and I use it religiously throughout various stages of my book’s journey. I use it to define the title, to see competitors, potential bestseller ranks, generate book ideas, estimate daily sales, check out the best selling covers and more. It truly is a spectacular research tool for authors.

Final round-up and conclusion about Publisher Rocket.

At $97  I believe it is reasonably priced, but if you are not earning dollars from your books yet, see it as an investment. A lifetime investment! Yes, Dave, the creator is of the old school, none of this subscription rubbish, buy it today and it’s yours with a lifetime of software updates. In web SEO $97 will get you one month of use. So if you want to get ahead of the competition and start taking the indie author and self-publishing serious, then you need to invest in the tools to help you succeed. This is why I use and why I recommend Publisher Rocket. 

Grab your copy of Publisher Rocket here.


NOTE: The link to Publisher Rocket is an affiliate link, this does not affect the price you pay but it does kick back a small amount to me for directing you towards publisher Rocket. This did not affect my judgment on the software as stated I use it as a key software when publishing my books. Data is king.

Final Bonus

Free Description Generator

Publisher Rocket 2021 Updates

  • The average number of pages of books that rank for that keyword
  • The average price for books that rank for that keyword
  • Colour coded results for the Estimated Searches per Month and the Competitive Score
  • Ability to sort the data
  • Ability to export all suggestions or just the analyzed keywords
  • Enhanced keyword suggestions including words before and surrounding the seed keyword
  • Drag and drop tabs so you can keep your keywords in any order you want

Publisher Rocket 2022 Updates

  • Rocket now shows Audible sales information
  • New Audible Categories added to the Category Feature
  • Change in drop down menu to reflect “All Formats”, “Kindle Only”, and “Audible Only”
  • Improved Searches Per Month data across all formats
  •  ASIN/ISBN search in the Competition Analyzer
  • Colour coded results for the Estimated Searches per Month and the Competitive Score in the Keyword Search feature


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How much does Publisher rocket cost?

Publisher Rocket cost $97 + VAT  (£71 + VAT) for complete access. This is a one-time payment.

Does publisher rocket really work?

Yes, it works. Publisher Rocket helps authors (both fiction & non-fiction) find Amazon keywords, categories and sales volumes for their book.

Is KDP rocket worth it?

Yes, if you want a chance at success then understanding Amazon SEO is key.

Should I buy publisher Rocket?

Yes, understanding categories, keywords and sales volumes will help you make better decisions when marketing your book on Amazon.

Is Publisher Rocket Free?

No, it is a one-time payment of $97 + VAT.

Will publisher rocket help me find Amazon Book Categories?

Yes, PR shows you all the categories current books are listed in, sales needed to achieve top 10 rankings and more.

Will it help me find profitable keywords?

Yes, this is the tool to help authors find profitable keywords for Amazon, generating a list of keywords including search volume and indicator of popularity.

Will KDP Rocket increase my book sales?

Yes, how? By giving your book more chances to be competitive on Amazon. Keyword research tools for better keywords, category search feature for better categories selection and the ability to find profitable categories and more.

Is this a good software to research Amazon Book Titles?

Yes, Publisher Rocket is a great software choice for researching a potential book title on Amazon. 


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