Putting Your Book Sales into Overdrive

Hi all I’d like to thank @robbauthor for letting me have access to this forum so I can speak  to you all today. Before I start one question how has marketing been going for you in 2020? Okay, lets all let out that collective groan  and move on. During this time one needs to really think outside the box when it comes to selling a book. My main strategy right now is working the library circuit. I have chosen to work the library circuit for many reasons:

Why distribute your book through a library?

   1. I have many books that can fit many markets. I am sure many readers fall into the same situation. 
   2.  Due to circumstances related to the shutdown many libraries are some of the few places still open.
   3. Libraries have always been where the die-hard readers can be found. 
   4. Once your ebook is in a library system it can not be removed.

What you will need to start working with libraries.

     I will show you a quick way to sell more books using libraries in a few easy steps.
     A. first you will need a few things:
          1. An ebook
          2. The ebook available in library distribution platforms. The ebook distribution platform I use for this is Smashwords as it is the number one distribution platform for both ebooks in general and libraries in particular. Smashwords will get your book into the following library platforms
     1. Overdrive 
     2. Cloud Library 
     3. Baker and Taylor Axis 360
     4. Gardeners
     5. Library Direct 

One Sheet / Sell Sheet for your Ebook

Next, take your one sheet and type it into an email template because you will be using this email often.
     For those who haven’t made a one-sheet, it is just your sales letter for the book in question. A one-sheet should include the following about your book:
     1. Title 
     2. Description 
     3. ISBN
     4. Price
      5. What library platforms your book is available on. Different libraries use different platforms.
     Next, let me show you a quick example of how it is to get leads using Overdrive(which is the biggest library platform).
     1. Go to Google and enter ” City State member libraries Overdrive” for example, “Phoenix Arizona member libraries Overdrive”. A link for The Greater Phoenix Digital Library should come up among the top results and somewhere a link that says “member libraries” should come up and present a page similar to this.
2. Then just title your email “Book Purchase Request” and your all set

Some Helpful Tips for Dealing with Libraries.

1. If you have a niche book in my case it was my Chinese language version( I have both a traditional and simplified version) of my children’s book Ten Little Monsters Standing in a Line. Since there are very few foreign language picture books for children here in America I emailed all three of the big  Chinatown libraries in America and my book is now in all three. For those who are unaware they are in San Francisco Los Angeles a Brooklyn New York.
2. Keep  in mind that all library systems are set up differently. Some  use the support tab on Overdrive as the library email others use the main website link Overdrive gives them as a place to put the town’s website( believe it or not some libraries are in several city halls across America. 
3. Not every library on the list has their Overdrive page and email up to date. You may have to go through the main website. 
4. Do not worry if you can’t find the specific librarian(for example, the youth librarian for your young adult novel) email the director and they should pass it along. The same scenario if you are using the customer service email at city hall your request should be passed along.
5. Be aware that there may be more than one library system such as In the case of New Zealand they have North and South. In that case, just wash, rinse and repeat the process. 
6. If you cannot find the email address check under the “sitemap” on the website.
Be patient, it takes time but hopefully, after a while, a snowball effect should start to occur. Librarians will look up your book in the various databases and the social proof of previous sales should lead to more sales. hope this information was helpful.

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