Unlocking Amazon’s New Category System: A Game-Changing Keyword Strategy with Publisher Rocket

Are you struggling to navigate the recent changes at Amazon and maximize your book’s visibility? Look no further, because Publisher Rocket updates are here to revolutionize your keyword research game. This brief article covers book categories, keywords for your book and selling books via Amazon’s kindle direct publishing platform. All with the aim to help you use better keywords that are more relevant to your book, helping readers find your book and ultimately helping you sell more books on Amazon. 

Amazon’s Recent Changes: Three Categories and Uncertain Placement

Amazon’s recent alterations have shaken up the way authors select categories for their books. Now, you’re limited to just three Amazon categories in KDP, and there’s no guarantee that your book will end up in those categories. Amazon reserves the right to make changes based on your metadata and reader behavior, which could even mean placement in additional categories, at their whim.

Connecting Categories and Keywords: Why It Matters

So, what’s the connection between these category changes and keywords? Well, since Amazon can’t guarantee your books’ category placement, you must take matters into your own hands. You need keywords that signal to Amazon’s algorithm that your book belongs in the right categories.

That’s where this revamped 7 Kindle keywords strategy comes into play:

Revamped Strategy: The 7 Kindle Keywords Approach

This is about updating the 7 kindle keywords in the back end of your Amazon author account. You can log in, click on any of your titles and change the keywords if you wish. We are not talking about keywords in your title or book description, however, publisher Rocket can help with these keywords as well.

Step 1: Discovering Highly Relevant Keyword Phrases

Find 1-3 highly relevant keyword-specific phrases that readers are actively searching for and aren’t overly competitive.

Step 2: Targeting Categories with Keywords

Discover 1-2 keywords to target or reinforce your desired categories.

Step 3: Niche-Specific Terms and Phrases

For the rest, fill in with niche-specific terms and phrases, utilizing as much of the allowed 50 characters as possible.

Two Ways to Benefit: Creativity and Category Dominance

Ready to take action? If you’re a Publisher Rocket user, you’re in for a treat. The KDP Rocket system has identified some of the most effective keyword phrases for books within specific categories. Yes, you heard that right – you can now access a list of keywords that top books in your chosen category have used. This invaluable resource can serve two purposes: it’ll spark your creativity with fresh keyword ideas or help you strengthen your foothold in a competitive category.

Embracing Amazon’s New Category System with Confidence

Exciting, isn’t it? This shift in our keyword approach is all thanks to Amazon’s new category system. Rest assured, we’re dedicated to keeping you in the know about any future Amazon updates while providing you with top-notch resources.

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