Smartphone Image Editing

When you google Smartphone Image Editing, you get so many results. Each one will have information, some will evidently be better than others. 

The reason for me writing this blog is three-fold,

1: To show you some real-world image editing results completed with only a smartphone.

2: A list of resources and groups to see what your peers are doing with regards to smartphone image processing.

3: To make you aware of my new book Smartphone Smart Marketing and why as someone who is interested in improving their images, you need to look at the whole process to make your images better. 


1: Real-World smartphone edited images.

These images were edited in @Snapseed . However, now that Adobe Photoshop and Affinity Photo are available for the Ipad. Snapseed is no longer the most powerful mobile image editing app. However, it is extremely powerful and only limited by your imagination and technical abilities. ie put the time in and the world of smartphone photo manipulation and image editing is yours. 


smartphone-image-editing-2 smartphone-image-editing-3 smartphone-image-editing-4

2: Smartphone Image Editing Resources

YouTube. Please subscribe to these channels

My channel. Robb Wallace Author

I only have a few videos (shown above) just now but with more to come. This one shows a photo being restored in Snapseed.


One of the very best channels on YT. Hundreds of premium examples of what can be done in terms of image editing with only a phone.

Facebook image editing Groups

Snaseed Global – Pure Snapseed image editing. Lots of new posts daily pushing the boundaries of mobile image editing.

Mobile Photography Group

3: Image editing and beyond.

My book Smartphone Smart Marketing shows you how to plan, capture, edit, distribute and track your creations. Why is this important for better image editing? Image editing is one of the last steps in the process. Learning about photographic techniques and planning your image will give you a better image to manipulate in the edit. A better image to edit will produce a far superior finished product more able to wowing yourself and your viewers. But planning capturing and editing an image is not the end of the images journey. Getting out there and using that image to market or inspire is another skill.

My book covers everything from marketing to social media, photography to photo editing, video production to live streams. If you love editing images, you’ll probably love editing video and other creative content. My book pushes the boundaries of what is possible on today’s mobile phones. Grab a copy of Smartphone Smart Marketing and expand your horizons.

For photography, the book covers all aspects of the phones camera controls (white balance, exposure, shutter speed, aperture, AI, scene modes, auto modes, depth of field, portrait modes etc), as well as understanding the rules of composition and framing. It then moves into understanding all the editing terminology (crop, rotate, dodge, burn, noise, black and white etc). It looks at the best apps and more.

Some popular image editing questions

  • The Verdict – Is The Best Photo Editing App On CPU or Smartphone?
    • Snapseed for mobile, Affinity photo and Photoshop for Ipad and Desktop.
  • How to edit product photos on a white background on a smartphone
    • In Snapseed use the double exposure tool, to change the background.
  • How to use natural lighting for product photography
    • Lighting is of the highest importance. in natural lighting always be aware of the position of the sun and shoot accordingly.
  • How to Take High-Quality Product Photos With Your Smartphone
    • Buy a copy of my book. All the info is there and not just photos, videos, audio, live streams as well.
  • How to shoot photography with a mobile phone
    • A better question would be. How to shoot great photos with a mobile phone.  Again buy the book and find out.
  • How to Never Take a Blurry Photo Again (With These 7 Simple Steps)
    • Just hit auto. Use the phones auto mode and its done. Simple.
  • Editing photos on your phone or PC?
    • Its good but you no longer need a PC, you can do all of your image editing on a phone.
  • But First, What Is a Photo Editor App?
    • A mobile app that allows you to manipulate digital images without affecting the original image.

Some great Image editing articles and blogs from around the internet.

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