Steak Bake

Looking for a short story to break up the day. STEAK BAKE is a short vampire story set in #Glasgow #Scotland 99p for some “laugh out loud” moments. SB, he’s no cunt. He is a foul-mouthed, vampire killer, set on righting the wrongs of his society.

That’s the blurb. Steak bake was a way to pass the time of lockdown here in Glasgow, Scotland. An urban fantasy, urban vampire-themed story. Where Jason decides to become a vigilante over a reduced feeding quota or as the Central Vampire Comand call it “The Rotation”.

Released it jumped straight into the top 100 on Amazon Kindle

And then jumped again to number 46 after one day on Amazon Kindle. This is the UK kindle. Hopefully, Stake Beak continues to rise in the charts and some good review comes around. I will update the blog as they come.