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A layman’s guide to content marketing, social media strategy, photography, video production, audio and live streaming.

Is it time to become the content creator and marketeer you always dreamed of being?

Over 1000 copies sold and growing every day.

If you have a smartphone, then you are ready to create and build an audience for your brand or business. You have the technology and this smartphone book will give you the knowledge and practical skills to use it. It is one of the best mobile marketing books available.

Smartphone Smart Marketing is the follow-up book to the successful title Smartphone Media Production.  It is written by award-winning filmmaker, professional digital marketer and content creator Robb Wallace. Robb has over sixteen years of experience in the field as well as an award-winning degree in Broadcast Production.

In 2016 Smartphone Media Production showed its readers how to plan, capture, edit and distribute content (branded photography, audio, video and live streams) with only their phones.

In this updated and fully revised version, Robb is back with even more great content including chapters on content marketing, social media channels and social media strategies.

Who is the Smartphone Smart Marketing book for? It is for people who;

  • Don’t know how to create content to market their brand. 
  • Don’t have the funds for a marketing manager but are willing to put in the hard work and learn the skills.
  • Don’t have a big budget for expensive things like promo videos, marketing images, social media campaigns.
  • Don’t know where to start when launching a new business or product.
  • Have tried and failed to create engaging content for social media and are looking for a guide.
  • Aspire to be a social media influencer.
  • Wish to enter employment as a marketing professional.
  • Interested in digital marketing.
  • Need real-world digital skills to grow their business.
  • Are interested in entrepreneurial skills.
  • Are looking to create better images, videos or live streams. 

So if you want a solid, no-nonsense, practical overview to content marketing and media production, using only your smartphone, Smartphone Smart Marketing is the book for you. 

The book includes cheat guides, best apps, worked examples and more.

Let’s get to work, buy your copy, grab your phone, it’s time to leave the competition behind.


Mobile Marketing Strategies

If you have a mobile device or you’re a mobile user and you’re looking to take action on a new marketing campaign, increase your marketing efforts and mobile strategies across the web and your social media platforms. Then Smartphone Smart Marketing could help you. Transform your marketing efforts with a copy today. 


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NO2 in Class-PRs 51 Best Marketing books.

Good for: Getting to grips with transforming your smartphone into your number one digital marketing tool.

This self professed layman’s guide to digital marketing has the unique angle of teaching you how to do it all from your smartphone.

As marketing tactics are constantly developing alongside the latest technology, it is important to stay up to date. In three simple and easy to read sections, Wallace provides everything from media history to a full marketing masterclass that takes an in-depth look at the creative potential of the smartphone.

Wallace guides you through apps and social media while teaching you how to create an up to date marketing strategy for your business. 

This practical no-nonsense guide is an essential read for anyone who is looking to learn simple marketing skills and move with the technology of the time. 

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Reviews of Smartphone Smart Marketing 2021

“If you are just starting out in marketing your business and wish to know how to make the best use of your mobile device, then look no further than this book. Easy to follow and full of great knowledge and advice.”

Chris Torres – Amazon– Marketing Director

“Marketing is often a catch-22. Products don’t sell without marketing, but if the product doesn’t sell, who has money to market. This book breaks the catch-22. With this book in hand, anyone with a smartphone can market their product. The author explains marketing in a way that includes real world application and advice. The book begins with a quick historical overview of how marketing has changed and then jumps into practical marketing. There are sections on using your smart phone to make promo videos, marketing images, and social media campaigns. There is solid advice on how to create engaging content for social media all with your phone. This book places the marketing power of a marketing agency into the palm of your hand. This book has a vast scope, but it presents everything in an easy-to-read manner. If you own any kind of business, then this book will be a go to reference.” Anton Kukal – Amazon 

“Great book. As someone who runs multiple social media pages for hobbies and charitable organizations I’m part of this book has been a revolution for me. I have no media training and am of an age where I’ve had to adapt to the internet as I didn’t grow up with it so having all this experience from the author to call on has been invaluable. Whether you are just starting out or wanting to take things to the next level this book covers it all. Basic marketing, photography, video production, audio production social media strategy it’s got it all to get you creating great and impactful online content. I’ve seen my social media pages soar in popularity since I started using these techniques compared to my rather amateur efforts when I first started out and it’s hard to believe you can do it all with just the phone in your pocket, it really helps unlock the potential of these devices we all carry about. This book is well worth its cover price.” Big Al Amazon – Monkeytron Collective. –

Must have guide to developing your social media & online marketing with the power in your pocket. Within this book is the information needed to turn your phone into a portable marketing machine, well written, with detail and description that is easily understood. Having set up my own business in the last few years this book has been invaluable, creating promo videos, engaging posts and constructing work plans that…work.

“Information and knowledge is power and this book is the gift of power. All you need to know regarding Smartphone marketing use.” Colin MacGregor Amazon – Founder of Caledonia Short Script Comp-

“If you any kind of business then this is 1 tool I highly recommend!
A lot of the things suggested were ideas I’d already had but either due to time or resources I put off. This book tells you in small easy to ready chunks of your busy how to do it! Literally, all the stuff I’ve put off I’ve been working on in the last couple of days on just my cellphone! This is fantastic! I can’t say enough good things about the knowledge that was put across in this book. It says at the start it’s an updated version of the 1st book which I think this is still miles ahead of other books on the subject. I’m now using some of the suggested apps in the book doing stuff I thought I would need a bunch of equipment and a handful of people to do! I like to think I’m pretty good with my marketing for my product but this gave me new ideas & made it easy to understand & also I learned to make existing marketing even easier with less effort! Sorry for the long review but this book, well actually tool is something I wish I’d gotten sooner & can’t say enough good things about.The only downside or bad point if you can call it that, is that it states at the beginning it’s an updated version of the 1st book. I read this but would be interested in the 1st version also to see the difference or other methods to marketing.” Doug Amazon – Author of When the dead rise.

Acclaim for Robbs first Smartphone Media book  from 2016

“Received! Dove in – Liked what I saw! Really useful stuff”. Peter Shankman

“This book is fantastic and would highly recommend it for anyone starting to get into making videos on their phone.” Stewart Richardson professional photographer.

“This book has helped me increase my understanding and develop some really good strategies on maximising the use of smartphones and social media in a variety of ways, from personal use through to improving business reach. Excellent stuff!” Amazon.

“So impressed I hired him” Peter Syme adventure specialist and business owner.

“As a self-employed business owner, keeping up with changes in technology can be overwhelming, I found this book full of great information, presented in a clear and practical way – full of advice and resources to keep you on your toes.” Chris Wain Unique Adventure Tours Scotland.

“I am a gent of a certain age and have had to embrace technology and the Internet as an adult and not something that I have grown up with or was taught at school. I run a Facebook page and a small stall making and selling custom props and toys and wanted to take things to the next level and having no experience in media production this sounded perfect. From my perspective the book is full of all the basic information I needed to get started making the most of my Facebook page and filming video, taking photographs and getting them out there on social media to get the most impact. Then the book is also full of everything else needed to take things even further, how to follow up on the social media interest and even loads of information coming from a business point of view which I’m sure I will use down the line as I take things further. Overall this book had everything I needed to get me up and running on social media, producing what I feel is way better quality content than I could have ever imagined I was capable of and all with a single piece of hardware, my Smartphone, it’s amazing.” Big Al Monkeytron Collective.

Smartphone Marketing

The new age is here, it is time to move from being a content consumer to a content creator. Mobile marketing, video marketing, images, live streams and more. If you want to reach your target audience and potential customers with simple videos, images and engaging content. Then you need to understand your audience, where they hang out and how to create content to engage them. Let me show you how.

Do you know someone who aspires to be a social media influencer?

Or have a teenager, family member or friend that is obsessed with creating content for their social channels?  With dreams of being the next big online star. Fed up of watching their horrendous content? Help them learn the skills and techniques to make them succeed.

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Don't have the funds for a marketing manager?

If you do not have the funds for a marketing manager, social media manager, videographer, photographer, podcaster, image editor etc but you are willing to put in the hard work and learn the skills. Then Smartphone Smart Marketing is for you.

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Smartphone Smart Marketing is the book for you. It is a solid, no-nonsense, practical overview to content marketing and media production, using only your smartphone. Grab your copy

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Are you an entrepreneur?

Are you interested in developing your entrepreneurial skills but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry Smartphone Smart Marketing will show you the way. Stop waisting your time and get the fast track you have been looking for.

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